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“Definitely Toronto and Montreal are the Mecca of hip hop in Canada, so with me coming out of Ottawa I really want to show a spotlight onto our city and get it to a new level," said Hawkins. He notes that without Canadian singer Classified, who he considers one of his biggest inspirations, the Maritimes would have never been considered an avenue for hip hop in Canada. Spitten Image hopes to bring that kind of change to Ottawa as well. "I think we're underestimated here. I definitely think there's some heavy rappers and talent in this city."”

“With a short set that was hard hitting, you could feel the excitement both on-stage and off. Opening his set with chants of ”I Love Hip Hop”, he (Spitten Image) definitely proved that he is doing what he loves and easily convinced the audience to join him on the ride.”

"Spitten Image’s lyrical purpose swings right back to the essence of hip-hop nation – struggle, contention, difficult upbringings and triumph – messaging he says is plainly woven into his work. This process, which stems from a longstanding appreciation for writing, is something he considers to be therapeutic to himself and hopefully his audience."

"Spitten Image has just broken a record for call requests on Fundamentally Sound."

Jewne Boom Boom - Fundamentally Sound, 93.1 CKCU

“THANK YOU ALL for coming to see me perform last night live @ Ritual Nightclub, w/ Action Bronson (Queens, NYC), Canadian giants Flight Distance, and Ottawa's own Philly Moves... show was a great success and as always, I appreciate ALL of your LOVE and SUPPORT!”

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