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“Spirit Riders – KnockanStockan – July 28th, 2013 Spirit Riders are a five piece good ole’ country and western band. They played the Shack of Diamonds stage at KnocanStockan. It started to rain just as they played their second track, but the people still danced on. They are a mature yet youthful gang of guys, one proudly sporting a “Texas Steel Guitar Association“ t shirt. Everyone smiled as they entertained with “Bon Voyage” and calls of “Baton Rouge”. Their infectious beat and country twangs made everybody smile. The guy in the gold bomber jacket turned up and line danced up the stage. They played mostly their own music with one cover dedicated to a late musician friend. They sound like they are from Nashville. They are really from Dublin. Watch out for them on the pub scene.”

“Its brilliant song-writing delivered by a great band. I'll be playing one of your songs every week on the show.”

Dusty Miller - 'A Big Country' radio show @www.splashradio.org

“Outstanding vocals and story on your song "Shame" Amazing painting of sound textures and emotions in your music as well!!!”

“1. Review: The Spirit Riders are just Fabulous and Walking the Streets proves it. Great song lyrically and the melody sets the mood. One of my favorites, truly. The left Er Song Name: Walking the Streets Date: 2010-07-05 14:30:07”

“We had fantastic feedback from everyone for your set...we'll have to schedule to have you back later in the year...our sound guy Rory loved you and said the crowd did too....we'll be in touch about having you back!”

Caroline - Point Village Live Gigs

“This band is easy on the ears, with lovely harmonies and a mix of half original songs and half covers. Totally committed to their songs, each is sung with conviction and is top standard.”

Angela Macari O’Looney - musicreviewunsigned.com

“It's like taking a "shame"-fully awakening bus ride thru that poverty-driven and grafitti-littered "other" part of town that we know is there, but that we just keep turning our eyes and ears away from. A return of music with a disparaging social commentary... A work of Art!”

“Very powerful dramatic song by Alan Begley.'Shame' jumps out at you like a culturally explosive, satirical expose on our aimless, greedy society...”

“Just listened while reading the comments on this track... I agree with all of them. You have a winner here!”

“This is a winner”

“another fantastic song! very emotional and moving.. like your style so much..xxx...x”

“Awesome Dobro..wish I lived in your neighourhood...Just heard a 'Woman Like You' on an other site...Song Planet...beautiful stuff and fine musicianship..you should consider touring Texas once a year...they'd love you big time......God Bless...Billy The Mountain.”