Spine Buster / Press

"I've never seen a punk as fuck metal band with so much swagger"

Random dude at a show

"Thrash Zone-era D.R.I., slightly modernized, slightly. The vocals nail later Kurt perfectly, and it seems like that is the goal. While the mid tempo mosh parts are flawless, short and sweet. with witty lyrics about killing your boss, popping zits and riding bikes"

Maximum RocknRoll

“This Tuesday night thrash pizza party started at party o clock 8:30. Spinebuster opened the show to much cajoling and hullabaloo. Spinebuster puts on a fun show. Their act is a heavy pv-tinged metal experience, sandwiched amidst shoutouts and brodowns, which in this case thematically recall life in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA. At first I thought this might be a spoof of the manner in which hardcore fans from these parts rep Gaithersburg really hard, or the way New Jersey people are proud of being from that state, or just ignorance in general. But Jordo and his entourage are a solid band who keep it fresh in their burbs and have booked a good number of shows for touring bands over the years. Anyway, I always have a good time with these dudes. They also successfully manage to gross me out with their shirts, only bested by Artillery Breath in that department. I think Spinebuster effectively treads the line between letting the rage out and having a sense of humor.”