Spider Lilies / Press

“If you’re looking for a cauldron full of energy and talent – look no further. We bring you Spider Lilies! A dark wave, electro goth band that can bring your skin quivering as if it were spinning through an multidimensional worm hole.”

“Since their auspicious beginnings the Spider Lilies have toured the United States and created a strong following for their music in the European Market. The last few years have been a whirlwind of creation, with the release of the three song EP released in 2005, the full length CD In the Light released in 2006, and most recently their second album Cyclogenesis and the remix CD Eyes of the Storm.”

“EVERYONE MUST GET ALL SPIDER LILIES ALBUMS! No it's true your music is phantasmagoricly intoxicating!! Thank you for dropping by the Mansion! (Referring to Darkest Radio Interview from 2-20-2011 with Stacey, podcast available)”

“I love gothy crunchy guitar-driven rock, but I also like to dance, and you hit a perfect marriage of the two with the new record, in my opinion.”

Charles Ballard - Quote from a fan

“really like the female vocals which feels very deep and filled with feelings. ...“Mirror in the dark” feels very gripping and touches me in a way I can’t really describe. The voice is perfectly accompanied by the distorted guitars and violins.”

“Spider Lilies is the current band of Stacey Campbell, former guitarist for The Cruxshadows. Their sound is guitar-driven, female-fronted darkwave, striking a balance between electronic and organic instrumentation.”

“Spider Lilies, the electro goth rock project of Stacey Campbell, will be hanging out throughout Dragon*Con weekend after their performance on Thursday evening. Their latest album titled Cyclogenesis will be available at the convention...”

“Rumors are that there will be a remix album, can you confirm this and if so, what can you tell us about it? - Yes! This should come out in Spring or Summer of 2010. We have already gotten some great remixes... Clan of Xymox, Ego Likeness, Imperative Reaction, XP8, Espermachine, etc.”