spent flesh / Press

" This is Chaotic thrash with some interesting guitar parts that are oddly catchy and dissonantat the same time. The vocals are aggressive and music is raw, but the recording isn't, which is a nice juxtapostition. It's off kilter at times, straightforward at others, but original throughout. Sometimes the guitar riffage sounds clear and other times it's blown out and sounds like a police siren run through a distortion and delay pedal. The guitar work really stands out at different points throughout the record. If this sounds like what you're into then I'd encourage you check it out online, after a little bit of looking around it looks like you can stream the entire B-side online " (On Get Bent!)


“Razor Cake: Brash, spastic hardcore from Philadelphia. Demented and maniacal. So weird it'll make you question if you're playing the record at the right speed. But it rages from beginning to end. Definitely worth picking up if you feel like taking a chance on something you've never heard of. (FDH / P. Trash / Sit & Spin)”

Razor Cake

“Jesus! What a glorious mess of a record. Super-spastic, thrashing, three-piece (no bassist) making half-belligerent, maddening music. Dean Dirg meets The Reatards in a bar in Philly. Possible musical inspiration: Slight Slappers, blenders, and benders. Totally righteously—and ridiculously—fucked up and awesome. (FDH / P. Trash / Sit & Spin)”

Daryl Gussin - Razor Cake