SpEnt fiXer / Press

"The world hates me because I doped during my 7 Tour de France victories. Yet SpEnt fiXer writes shit like ZILF! and nobody says a f*cking thing?"

Lance Armstring - Velo Gnus

“I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate SpEnt fiXer! They suck on so many levels. They are the bottom of the barrel. No, they are below the bottom of the barrel. They don't even deserve to mentioned in the same sentence as barrels.”

Roger Egbert - Chicago Son Timez

“I thought congestive heart failure was the worst thing I'd have to endure in this lifetime. Then I had to review "Drano Pop" by SpEnt fiXer.”

Justin Cider - Kerrville Times

“Are you kidding me? This is what passes for music nowadays?”

Arty Fufkin - Polymere Records