Spence / Press

“Spence 4Hire, very sexy, you're a star...”

“Our news publication wrote an article last year about local Rap artist Spencer “Spence” Jackson. Later that year Spence was featured on the May/June 2010 magazine cover of “Hagerstown”. That same summer, our photojournalist John Williams, documented the making of Spence’s summer 2010 hit single “Wipe Out”, which was videoed at a Hagerstown nightclub. Spence likes to promote his hometown and his homefolks. Spence had mentioned to Speak Up in 2010 that he wanted to do something really big in Hagerstown for the community. And he did.”

“Spencer began performing original rap songs publicly in fourth grade, around the same time he...”

“Bright lights gleaming onto the stage, crowd blaring- it's a familiar territory Spencer Jackson calls home...”