Spellcaster / Press

“These dudes have the chops, the killer songs and, yeah, a singer that unapolagetically, can sing”

Adem Tepedelen - Decibel Magazine

“From Judas Priest to early Metallica ("Master of Puppets" era) and Annihilator! If this is exactly what you mean when you speak about Heavy Metal you just found your new heroes! Rating: 5/5”

“From beginning to end, Under the Spell is a ferocious torrent of riff after speed metal riff (note: if anyone wanted to know the difference between speed metal and thrash metal, this is a great album to define that)”

“Overall: Pound for pound, member for member, Spellcaster is one of the best bands that carries the old school heavy metal sound I’ve heard in a while! If you consider yourself a fan of true metal, then this demo is a must own! - Typhon 9/10 ”