“8.5 out of 10. Influenced by 90’s death metal and black metal, the melding of genres is seamless on the part of Spectral Manifest. Also very catchy riffs and natural double bass.”

“The whole masterpiece sounds old school, reminding me of the black metal scene from the 90's. Funny that it sounds like Nehëmah (France) to my ears. The band members really work well together like rare bands do. Poetic and dark, Spectral Manifest know how to make your soul travel into darkness surrounded by a strange feeling of despair when the night comes. You cannot be disappointed if you listen to it entirely within your soul: it's a perfect artistic jewel. It would certainly give you a good way to reach the hidden portal they talk about if I painted a new canvas. This band is a great source of inspiration for dark artists. Thanks guys for opening the gates of creativity”

“Last year they finally released their superb self titled debut. It was a great mixture of early retrograde death metal that made me feel as if I was back in 1991 listening to it on a cassette. Filled with plenty of moody Pestilence and early Vital Remains (Let Us Pray) riffing, the CD really tickled my fancy. In a much more aggressive manner, it really reminded me of one of my personal favorites, Baphomet’s The Dead Shall Inherit.”

"I have a soft spot in my heart for wraith-metal, because it always feels like I'm listening to someone else having a nightmare in a language I don't understand. It has a kind of throbbing madness that makes it a bit bloodier than other metal forms, and Houston's own Spectral Manifest has produced a pretty awesome collection of tunes on their new self-titled LP. " "You're not really supposed to latch onto these lyrics; that's like riding a seat belt on a motorcycle -- a safety measure that completely misses the point. Instead, the voice become an instrument of brutality, leaving you forced to interpret the meaning the way people used to do with classical music. Something like Stravinsky's Rite of Spring doesn't need to say anything to unnerve people, and neither does Spectral Manifest."

“One of Houston's most decorated black/death trios comes full circle with a heavy barrage of old school brutality. Spectral Manifest have released their debut album "Spectral Manifest" on Ossuary Industries. Enjoy the review \m/”

“Remember when you could buy a album, crank it up, and stare into the art of the cover...while the songs take you into a different plane of fucking existence? Made you WANT to listen to the ENTIRE album, and not just certain songs or parts? How about keeping the melody intact, while still staying brutal AND heavy? The debut full length from Houston's Spectral Manifest has answered these question, and then some....and I will surely explain why it is a MUST you get this fucking cd.......”

“We holed up in our rehearsal room for a bit this summer and hammered out the flesh of what will be the full length.”

“RO: One thing I've always wondered about black/doom metal is what exactly you hope to gain by delivering lyrics in the least accessible manner possible? When someone hears this song, what do you want them to take away from it? CGG: We want them to feel the power and energy that was expelled in performing it. The delivery is part of the intensity of the show and the song itself. A lot of that comes from growing up with bands like Obituary who didn't really even have any lyrics, but it was the power of the vocals that grabbed you.”

“A few months ago I featured an article on Sleepwalker from the American Black Metal entity known as A Transylvanian Funeral. Sleepwalker also is the man behind Forbidden Records and Forbidden Magazine. I stated it was my objective over the next several blogs to feature true underground warriors who like Sleepwalker are active underground musicians that go the extra mile to support the underground. So with that in mind in this month’s installment I will introduce you to Cryptos Granamyr Grimm. Cryptos is the drummer and one of the founding members of Texas based old school blackened death metal act Spectral Manifest. He is also the driving force behind a growing coalition of underground metal artists he calls The Dread Lair…”

“UNDERGROUND SONIC TERRORISM In an age where mainstream record shops seem to only stock “mainstream” metal, where is the resting place for the selective connosseur of true underground metal? In times of old it was a battered C90 cassette with photocopied cover and a hastily scribbled insert that promised dark, forbidden metal from some new unheard-of talent in the underground. But now in the age of digital media, THE DREAD LAIR stands as an alternative to the mainstream; a consortium of underground bands committed to promoting each other’s material, grown from humble beginnings and gradually evolving into an ever-increasing, ever-expanding source of Underground metal for those in the know. Cue Cryptos Grimm, drummer with SPECTRAL MANIFEST and AXIS IN COLLAPSE, and one of the brains behind THE DREAD LAIR:”

“Peru's Leo Tchort Interviews Cryptos Grimm”

“Romania's Pest Webzine Interviews Cryptos of SPECTRAL MANIFEST.”