Special C / Press

“Special "C" falls into the realm of ska punk influenced heavily by Sublime. The bass lines rumbled and the guitars were skanky.”

“Special C's stellar cover of Pennywise's "Bro Hymn," offers a fresh look at the classic punk track while retaining the spirit of the original. It's almost like it was always meant to be done this way. ”

“That’s right, the famed Special C from our local Mexi-takeout window isn’t the only staple in town going by that name. Also indulging people’s faces under that moniker is Special “C,” a Punk and Reggae fusion band that was formed by three old friends in the backyard of a Redondo Beach home on none other than Avenue C; just over the hill from El B.J. itself”

"In my opinion, Special C are the Bob Marley and the Wailers of the 21st century"

“We're just a trio trying to take over the world... one bar at a time - Bubba /Special "C" -”

“Playing the music bill for the party were Special C, Local Hate, Allura, All-Over, catering by Wee Man of “Jackass” and Chronic Taco fame, and giveaways by Electric Sunglasses, South Bay Skates and Misk Clothing.”

“Pennywise Guitarist Opens Up Tattoo Parlor In Hermosa Beach, Hopes the Opening Night Gets Rolled By the Cops ... After six months of construction, 3rd Street Tattoo is opening its doors ... bands like Local Hate, Allura, All-Over, Special C and Mike Smith's Ape Rock are slated to perform. ”