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“SPEAKAMAN: "THE BIRTH OF A SUPER PRODUCER" Broadcast On Demand Listen to What you Missed”

“| Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes SpeakaMan - Hello Money (My Name Is Dollars). Stream this track live at Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and review it for placement on the next Coast 2 Coast Mixtape!”

“SpeakaMan: Hear and Now! How did you get involved with music? S*** , I got involved at the age of 12, my step pops was stationed in South Texas. He had keyboards, mics and computers and I already freestyled at school, so I just put 2 an 2 together and started making beats and writing songs.”

“9th IMA Submission Spotlight: SpeakaMan I’M PROUD TO BE AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST BECAUSE: I have a sense of ownership. Everything I do is mine. I get to create it, copyright it, publish it, market it and sell it. Can u say ‘freedom,’ playa? This my 40 acres right here. ”