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Spanking Charlene / Press

“Where Are the Freaks?’ is a fun and energizing album to listen to, if you want to have your raw-real moment of good old rock’ n’ roll, just blast this from your home,… open your window and your neighbors will thank you.”

“Spanking Charlene are an East Coast band that is fronted by Charlene McPherson. McPherson and crew turn out no frills rock and roll in the tooth-rattling vein of AC/DC, The Godfathers, Paramore and Alanis Morissette. McPherson’s powerhouse voice slashes across bombastic layers of sonic electric guitar like a razorblade in a girl-on-girl jail fight. Spanking Charlene are a band I would highly suggest looking into. Raw, passionate and engaging, they continue to gain new fans beyond New York City’s underground, moving into New Jersey and, as Chris Barry would have said, “the world beyond.” For more on this dirty gem, head over to spankingcharlene.com”

“Built around the oh so sultry voice of Charlene McPherson and the snotty street Punk guitars of Mo Goldner, Spanking Charlene come across as a collision between The Runaways and the New York Dolls, fronted by an "X-Offender"-era Debbie Harry.”

“Spanking Charlene are sort of a New York counterpart to X: for punk rock, they’re very diverse musically. Substitute a distinctively New York snarl for the LA band’s DIY gutter-poetry vibe, bring the vocals up a lot higher and put producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel in the Ray Manzarek role and you get an idea of what they sound like. Like X (at least in the old days), they’re fronted by a couple, Charlene McPherson on vocals and Mo Goldner on guitar. Like Exene, McPherson takes an unapologetic feminist-hedonist stance, deploring the kind of shit women let guys get away with (and on the gentlest song here, My Girl, offering a warm shoulder for any woman with the nerve to stick up for herself). But where Exene is a distinctive singer, McPherson is a phenomenal one: an outraged, wounded wail like hers only comes around every few years.”

“Spanking Charlene is a New York City band and “WHERE ARE THE FREAKS?” song’s draw from the city’s nightlife. The quest for the party that never ends, sex and romance, in?delity, gossip, and gentri?cation in the city where anything can happen at any time. The bands soul-punk sound is a blend of Mcphersons dynamic vocals and the bands straight up hard driving guitar grooves.”

“ When Little Steven isn’t busy rocking with Bruce Springsteen as a member of the E Street Band or hosting his Underground Garage radio show, he runs a record label called Wicked Cool Records. The label’s latest offering is a band hailing from New York called Spanking Charlene, who released their new album, ”Where Are The Freaks?,’ on Tuesday (Jan. 17). “Spanking Charlene are one of our four favorite working class bands in New York,” raves Little Steven. And you best listen to Little Steven — he was, after all, someone you really didn’t want to mess with on ‘The Sopranos.’ ”

“Little Steven Van Zandt produced Spanking Charlene’s latest single, Canarsie, for their forthcoming album Where Are the Freaks, due out in the fairly near future on his Wicked Cool Records label. It’s a tribute to the far-out Brooklyn neighborhood where the L train line ceases to be trendy: “You never move out, you love it, you hate it,” frontwoman Charlene McPherson wails over a delicious thousand-layer cake of guitars that starts out sounding kind of Siouxsie and then goes Stonesy real fast. They’re at their home base, Lakeside on 10/15 at 11.”

“Spanking Charlene have a brand-new version of Dismissed with a Kiss – the title track to their deliciously fun album – just out on Little Steven Van Zandt’s label Wicked Cool. How cool is that? The pay-radio conglomerate SiriusXM ran a yearlong “best unsigned band contest,” which we had no idea existed. And Spanking Charlene won! Imagine that. When is the last time a band that didn’t suck actually won some kind of contest? Maybe never? And as you can hear from the single (at the band’s reverbnation), it’s a lot of fun. We’re partial to the Eric Ambel-produced original because it’s on the album, one of the first ones we ever got in the mail back when we started the blog in 2007, but this is killer. Charlene McPherson’s wounded wail is as seductive as ever and Mo Goldner’s guitars roar and sizzle. They’ve got a new album due out this fall, titled Where Are the Freaks which is something to look forward to."”

"And the winner is.. Spanking Charlene" when the band won the best unsigned band contest on Little Steven's Underground Garage

Little Steven Van Zandt - Little Steven Van Zandt

““Good rocking and sometimes funny songs in which McPherson tackles issues such as jealousy (‘I Hate Girls’) and poor body image (‘When I’m Skinny’)””

Santa Fe New Mexican

““Hard-edged rock chick singing about push-up bras and pussy with Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel’s patented garage rock stamp””


““Saucy girl power helmed by Charlene McPherson, pondering checkout aisle magazine angst in ‘When I’m Skinny’ and ‘Pussy is Pussy’””

Positively Yeah Yeah

““Appealing bucket of rocking guitar-driven roots music where blues, country and good ol’ rock and roll get an infusion of punk energy and downhome soul””

High Bias

““Spanking Charlene are here to cut through all the crap””

Americana UK

““Unapologetic and brutally honesty lyrics sung with McPherson’s Southern sounding clear voice over a mix of rock and punk””

The Aquarian/East Coast Rocker

““Whiskey-soaked, energetic rock ‘n roll””

Time Out New York

"Charlene, you might just be the future of rock and roll"

Kim Fowley - Sirius Radio Underground Garage