Space Junkie / Press

"White boy can spit!"

"pure brilliance in all in one place"

"You guys are ****ing crazy."

"Destin's best entertainment"

"Thanks for a fantastic summer guys, you rock!"

"the most dizzyingly extensive gathering of sounds you’re likely to hear on the Gulf Coast"

"They suck." "They rock." "They're annoying." "They're amazing." "Worst band ever." "Best band ever." "Talentless." "Genius." "You'll never hold an audience with a setlist like this." "You'll appeal to practically everyone with a setlist this diverse." "Are you people high?" "How come some label hasn't snatched you up yet?" "Pfft, good luck with that idea." "I totally get you, don't change a thing." "Don't quit your day jobs." "Remember me when you're famous." "Who the hell are these wannabes?" "I don't know their name, but they're the best one here."

"don't just push the envelope; run it through a shredder."

“...not your average band.”