Southern Solstice / Press

"New Band Alert, Southern Solstice, Acoustic 4 Life: My old drummer Ricky Muzick (formerly with Heaven Hill and my band Year Of The Gun) contacted me and said he had a good new band, and he was right. Southern Solstice is a very solid three-piece rock band that doesn't sound like a three-piece. These guys play originals and do some cover tunes as well. These guys are only 24, 22, and 23 but sound like very seasoned musicians. Impressive. Newcomer guitarist/singer Brandon Britton, 24, is a talented individual. He has a very natural melodic voice that sounds like just what you would like to hear. It's comfortable and soothing. Brandon plays guitar at the same time, so to have both full vocal power without distractions AND to be able to lay down the only guitars riffs of the band so flawlessly only proves that these guys have what it takes to be a great band." Click link to read more.