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“Teen Artists Southern Halo Will Be Heading To Nashville For Competition”

"Southern Halo- Three Mississippi Delta Sisters Rock Country"

"Young Cleveland, MS Trio Poised To Receive National Recognition" CLEVELAND, Mississippi—The Texaco Country Showdown is the largest and longest running County Music talent search in the nation. It has been introducing some of the best undiscovered Country Music talent to the world since 1982. And now, a trio of Cleveland, MS teens are hoping to win big at the prominent competition being held on January 16, 2014 at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. Southern Halo—comprised of siblings Natalia (pronounced Nat-uh-LEE-ah), 16, on guitars and vocals, Christina, 14, on drums and Hannah, 13, on bass—won a preliminary series of state and regional competitions to garner entry into the Texaco Country Showdown. And their father, Dr. Jason Morris, a radiologist who practices throughout the Mississippi Delta, couldn’t be more proud. “It’s really funny,” Dr. Morris says. “My wife and I both are more the athletic types and no one on either side of the family has any musical

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“Southern Halo, a country rock band formed by a trio of Mississippi Delta sisters, is gaining fans, performing at venues like Nashville's Ryman Auditorium and opening for big acts like B.B. King and Jamie Lynn Spears.”

“Sister Trio raises $25,000 for children's hospital by hosting The Rockin For Children's Hospital Benefit”

“Sisters Run Band As Business”

“Southern Halo Ready to take Main Stage at IBC”

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" To say they're fearless and pumped is an understatement"

“Cleveland's Top 5 Bands”