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“Southern Fryde Inc Hits a Home Run With The Release of Deep Fryde. This is the very first release of Southern Fryde Inc, called Deep Fryde and it is fantastic. They take you on a journey of original southern and classic rock done……Canadian style! SFI is from the border town of Sarnia, the DEEP south of Ontario. The guys in Southern Fryde Inc grew up on American radio, and have been lifelong fans of southern and classic rock. Their fresh sound is creating waves of approval from fans across many genres of music, especially the Southern Rock fans. Often time it is tough for you to pick out a favorite tune on this CD because every song grabs you in one way or another. Why? It has everything….twin and triple lead guitars, bass and drums that move you, awesome piano and keys, songs that every one can relate to, and well put together tunes with thoughtful lyrics. It is the real deal! No gimmicks, just raw, pure Southern Fryde Inc’s brand of great Rock. See Track by Track Ratings:”