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““ (James Ryan) Your vocals have a raw power, you were truly an inspiration tonight” on performing for Korn at the Hard Rock”

James "Munky" Shaffer of Korn

"(James Ryan) has raw energy with a heavy dark vibe...he is very memorable, has great energy, and is easy to sing along with." - Taxi.com


"(James Ryan) attempts a wide range of sounds, evident in the song that begins slow and mellow, then catapults into a fierce rage fest as singer James Ryan Vanover wails" - G. Vivenetto (St. Petersburg Times)

St. Petersburg Times

“Even though the songs he writes have specific meanings to him, he believes the interpretation can and should be different for the listener. “Each song I write has a specific meaning and passion behind it,” said Vanover. “Some people will find happiness, inspiration, solace, or a sense of understanding in my words. However, people should take what they want from our music; the beauty is that each person interprets music and lyrics in their own way. I am but a mediator for each person to enjoy the music how they please." My favorite line from the song ("Systematic") is "These fields of broken dreams devour everything."”

“Tampa based powerhouse vocalist, “James Ryan” Vanover marks his return to music scene with fellow musicians Bret McCosh and David Lee Freeman in the project Sounds of Chaos. Sounds of Chaos just released their new EP “Systematic” featuring the singe “Wait for You.” The album is a unique blend of powerful rock music with memorable lyrics and great hooks. The band recorded the new album at Source Sound Recording with the help of producer Kelly Scott Nunn, the former guitarist for Grammy-nominated bands Underoath and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Sound of Chaos also teamed up with Eric Bice (Saliva/Throwing Gravity/Ke$ha) to engineer the drums on the album. Many have acclaimed this album as James Ryan’s best work to date, and the hard hitting show is a must to check out. Sound of Chaos CD release party will be Dec 15th at Gasoline Alley door at 8:00 ( 14042 66th Street North, Largo, FL 3377).The new album can be purchased for $5.00 at http://www.soundsofchaosmusic.co”