“SounDoctrine - The intricate way they infuse a mix of sounds including pure jazz, pure funk and even electronic creates a truly exceptional sound that is destined to head to the forefront of new contemporary jazz. The flow, the mix and the rhythms are spot on. They are one of a kind. I truly love this music.”

"SounDoctrine releases their third studio project, "Inspire," which covers some exceptionally brilliant Jazz/Funk music. This CD also features a cast of highly talented artists that collectively interweave their talents with rootsy and melodic tonality. These songs incorporate fantastic progressive modern touches as some of the meters are not in typical time signatures. You will find the Jazz/Funk songs on the outstanding album, "Inspire," to not only original and innovating, but a superb collection of music."

“Billed as Funkjazzfusion, this album represents a number of talented artists who collaborate on a set of quality soul tunes, jazzy instrumentals and contemporary - yet not crass - R&B efforts. This is real quality modern soul. A must-have release and no better to end 2010.”

“Inspire is a project that deserves to be talked about and pushed to the forefront. A project that graciously gifts the listener with the full force of Jere B's heart & soul and with the immense talent of the musicians, vocalists, and producers poured into every track.”

“This new album by Soundoctrine, "Inspire", lives up to its name, and then some. If you listen to this and do not come away feeling like you've had some kind of out-of-body experience, you should put the CD back in, press "play", and make sure your speakers are turned up this time. Listen again.”

"SounDoctrine will quench your thirst for music and love on the surprisingly beautiful album "Inspire"... You will immediately notice that you are dealing with great musicians as soon as you hear the first notes.

“SoundDoctrine blends smoothed out, but emotionally resonant soul, fusiony funk instrumentals, headnodding beatcraft and jazzy soul arrangements. They cast a wide net, but that's what's makes the group special – and with Jere B's diverse eclecticism at the helm, it all flows cohesively. Playful, poignant, unpredictable and positive.”

“Local jazz-fusion band SounDoctrine’s song “Marriage” has been picked up by The Weather Channel as background music for its Local on the 8s weather reports.“Marriage,” from the band’s 2010 album “Inspire,” is the fourth SounDoctrine song to be picked up by the channel.”

“Synergy1Radio - Stellar Award nominated station for "Internet Station of the Year" Selected "Marriage" from the new CD "Inspired" from the Ohio based SoundDoctrine which proved to be a winner within 48hrs our listeners gave the song a 5 star ration. It's a smooth jazz track that is soothing and relaxing and has been added to the Gospel Jazz Experience and The Gospel Quiet Storm.”

“This is another strong record for SounDoctrine – it branches off in some interesting directions but stays true to the message the band set off to deliver with their first CD and the many live appearances they did in order to spread the word...If you’re not hip to originalalternativejazzfunkfusion – get hip!”

“Soundoctrine is part of a trend in gospel/inspirational music in which artists expand the boundaries of what it means to make Christian-based songs. They've been at it for nearly a decade, and have developed into leaders in this movement. Soundoctrine may not yet be as well known as other artists, but their unique brand of inspirational jazz,funk and fusion displayed on Inspire certainly shows that they should be. It is another critical success for a band that just seems to get better and better. Recommended”

“SounDoctrine is a rarity in Jazz music these days. They are hell bent on breaking away from the rest of the pack. Take their latest release INSPIRE and play it for your friends who say they don't like Jazz and they will like it. Play it for your friends who do like Jazz and they will think that it fell off of the CTI shelf. It's yet another one of the places that Jazz will be going in the future, when Jazz is no longer "smooth."”

"Inspire" is a wonderful recording that has very positive messages for all of us. We ALL need INSPIRATION to carry us through. Just think. - Kevin Amos aka tha Funkoverlord host of "One To One", WRCT-FM Pittsburgh

“Positive messages from SounDoctrine - a band that hasn’t forgotten what 'soul music' is - Chris Mann, Host of ‘Wild & Peaceful’ on the Live365 Internet Radio Network”

"Soundoctrine's "Inspire" is a music staple of our radio shows. With amazing musicianship, the band blends funk, jazz, rock, and gospel into it's definitive sound. We have known this band for many years and each release brings excitement to us. Thanks to Jere B and the Soundoctrine family." - "Upper Room with Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault" www.upperroomwithjoekelley.com www.wvof.org WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield CT

"This is the Best 'Top to Bottom' Jazz CD I've ever heard!"

““SounDoctrine continues to build on their musical legacy with the outstanding new CD "Endurance". Great funkdafied jazz with dashes of rock and salsa…Amazing CD and already going to be a staple on our radio shows!””

"Playing with a maturity and confidence of seasoned musicians, the members of SounDoctrine come into their own with "Endurance," which brings to mind the production quality and songwriting of today's top jazz and fusion artists, while capturing the heart and soul that is so unique to this endearing and enduring group."

"Are you awake yet? The FUNK BOMB coming from Ohio that you just heard, that woke up the JAZZ WORLD was called ENDURANCE by SounDoctrine"

““With the release of Endurance, Soundoctrine has shown their dexterity in both the jazz and fusion worlds. Endurance is their best work to date, and the band only seems to grow stronger and more polished.””