Sound Appeal / Press

“I'm a musician myself. Been with Moby Grape, Jerry Miller Band. A couple stints with Huey Lewis etc. I was just on the Internet and came across your songs. It's just the stuff that I love to play and sing. Hard to find someone like you around here that plays for the beauty of the song and not just the loudness or same riffs. Phil”

Phil Davis - Website

“By now I'm sure I've been labeled "groupie" and my praise is just expected, but I can't help it. Connie, Your voice is so sweet, and Johns words are so poignant, that it just about brings me to tears every time! You and John could never produce another song in your lives and you still would have done more with your talents than most of us ever will!”

Matthew Lake - iTunes Review

“As I listened to the track, it reminded me of the lighter days of 70's lighter pop/rock music: Jim Croce, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and John Denver. Sound Appeal is much more on the wavelength of Gordon Lightfoot. Not sure if it's really Christian & Gospel- however, a great debut and look forward to hearing more.”

Bennett Thaicosky - iTunes Review