Soul Track Mind / Press

"Soul Track Mind's performances are not just stylish trumpet or sax solos and blurry guitar riffs; they are a cultural exclamation point about American music."

“Donovan Keith's got soul--and the man can dance. It's almost as much fun to watch him get jiggy with it onstage as it is to listen to his soaring falsetto.... The style and subject matter instantly transport you back to the '60s and '70s, but the experience is simultaneously modern somehow....”

Texas Music Magazine - winter 2015

"Passionate vocal performance ... funkified tour de force"

"A hot, horn-fed, electric guitar-etched platter of hard modern R&B. Unbreakable continually urges groovers to “Turn It Up,” and we have – repeatedly. From the explosive garage soul of opener “Ode to Youth,” which makes the Black Keys sound white, to the acoustic guitar-lined thump of the closing title track, Unbreakable’s propulsive 31 minutes arrive without an audible seam or crack in the sonic veneer. The group’s musical arc, tracking 2010 debut Ghost of Soul and last April’s self-titled sophomore disc, nets nothing but fireworks."

"Donovan Keith’s passionate, emotional and powerful vocals ... convincingly sell you every song on their new album Unbreakable.... Soul Track Mind is the real deal and you owe it to yourself to buy this album."

"Soul Track Mind continues the wave of retro soul, convincingly writing and playing in the mode of ‘60s R&B and funk. Blue-eyed soul singer Donovan Keith makes them personality."

"an invigorating dose of soul rock fusion"

“There may not be a band out there having more fun revving up the way back soul machine than Soul Track Mind.... Keith's got a honey-dripping voice and he knows how to use it equally well.”

“Creating the equivalent of a farm-to-turntable groove.”

“Keith proves that white boys do have soul. Aside from showcasing an impressive vocal range and blues-soaked sound, Keith can engage an audience with his unbridled enthusiasm and dance moves.”

“True to its name, this Austin band creates a brass-filled funky sort of party music that draws on soul and blues.”

Houston Chronicle (29-95 Magazine)

“The Austin eight-piece Soul Track Mind blends funk, soul, R&B, jazz and rock into a thick sonic stew that will satisfy even the pickiest ears.... Ghost of Soul is a throwback record that nevertheless feels modern.”

“Serves it up old-school style with deep grooves, pumping horns, rock-solid rhythm and undeniable hot licks designed to propel dancers.... Soul Track Mind is the real thing.”

“Woodshedding at TC's Lounge gives "Ghost of Soul" its tight spirit - bolstered by Donovan Keith's heartthrob vocals and original tracks.”

““Ghost of Soul” goes out strong and hints at the band’s ample promise and immense musical chops. Expect a killer follow-up. Music Monday Pick; Weekend Music Pick”

“They proved themselves to Austin with a long-term residency at funky T.C.’s Lounge, known for its shack-shaking dance parties and no bullshit band booking policy. Now they’re branching out ... taking their high-octane live show and well-received debut album Ghost of Soul with them.”