Soul Seller / Press

“As we go through the disc immediately opener 'Wings Of Freedom' grabs you by the balls. A song that will stuck in your head for days, powerful and convincing. And this is not they only cool tune on the record.”

“This is an album and band that set out to make a statement, a statement that offers longevity to this melodic musical approach. All I can say is long live bands like Soul Seller.”

“So, is it any good? Simple answer is: yes it is. It starts brilliantly with the track called Wings of Freedom that just grabs you immediately with its energy and catchy chorus and the many excellent melodic hooks the guys offer. After that it sort of continues on that track, there is quite some variation in the songs but not enough to make it incoherent. The band has found a very good balance to their music and I think that all the songs on the album are really good.”

“Un disco fatto e suonato con una classe sconcertante, in grado di regalare più di un brivido e conferma di quella Passione di cui parlavamo ad inizio articolo e che in questo lavoro trasuda da più parti. Resta superfluo a questo punto lodare ancora la diversità e la “vita” propria di ogni singolo pezzo nonchè la bravura di tutti gli artisti coinvolti a partire dai Soul Seller stessi per arrivare agli ospiti e per finire con una nota per la produzione perfetta come ormai ci ha abituato il marchio di Ale Del Vecchio. Insieme a Lionville, per chi scrive questo Back To Life firmato Soul Seller è semplicemente al momento il debutto e la scoperta dell’anno.”

“...an album that I can strongly recommend to all melodic rock lovers. Don't miss out on this one...”

“If you want to express with a song all this music that came to your ears until now, push play and sing along with the band…”Rock Still Stands” and one of the best ambassadors of this genre is Soul Seller. This album has all that a true rocker waits for. It has the power, the melody, the lyrics and the spirit to guide you to the finest Rock moments!!”

“En el tema " Old Hero´s Prayer" se atreven a acercarse al terreno de los grandes Bon Jovi. Un estribillo espectacular,que le convierte quizás en el mejor tema del disco.”

“Soul Seller's Back to Life is a fine entry into the European melodic hard rock tradition. Strong talent and good song composition propels the album and should lead to future success. Recommended”

“Mit "Keep On Moving", hat man ein Duett am Start - hier werdet ihr die bekannte Stimme von Oliver Hartmann (ex-At Vance) / Avantasia / Hartmann zu hören bekommen.”

“Soul Seller estrenan el video de “Wings of Freedom””

“Segnatevi questo nome, Soul Seller, perchè le premesse per trovarci il 21 ottobre tra le mani un piccolo gioiello di rock melodico ci sono tutte!”

“Det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet SOUL SELLER har lagt ut musikvideon till "Wings Of Freedom". Låten finns med på bandets debutalbum "Back To Life" som släpps den 21 oktober.”