Laurence A Kerr / Press

“You play wonderful music. You have a high level of performance. I love your piano.”

“Very moving, emotive and peaceful at the same time - bravo to you!”

“Excellent pieces of musical emotion and imagery, Laurence! Thrilled by our listen this morning. Your talent is superb and presentation is stellar. Wonderful. All the best!”

“Everything is magnificent here and I can't do this music justice with a simple comment!”

“How refreshing in a world of canned music, to hear real talent.”

“Incredibly awesome and powerful compositions! Love your playing and passion :) very enjoyable listening....Jen xo”

“Such stunningly beautiful music! Almost hypnotic at times! You have such an extensive playlist. I will visit here again in order to relax after my grandchildren have been! Brilliant work”

“Got ‘Bio of an Artist’ on my playlist today, beautiful! ...Keep the great music coming!”

“Your music is AWESOME! Your friend Dj Antonio ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ (((((---ON---)))))) ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯”

“You have made my heart sing tonight with your wonderful music! Thank you x”

“Beautiful musical compositions & piano melodies!!!”

“Great music. " Bio of an Artist " - Excellent composition!”

"Finite Blue" is an Amazing piece of music!

“Very nice work! Moody, colourful and emotionally evocative!”

“My favourite has to be ‘Lucetis’! Beautiful playing that makes you drift away on the notes…”

“WHISPERS...like the rest of your Tracks...an understated power in the groove that demands attention and a devoted ear. Your riffs insist with gentility and phrasing that is complex and meaty. I'm in awe of your compositional approach”

“Laurence, you are a 21st Century George Winston. Your piano compositions are spellbinding. Each tells a wordless story with depth and grace. High art right here.”

“A blissful repast from the trials of the daily grind and nothing better than to sit here with a fire blazing in the fireplace, listening to the sounds of this magnificent artist….”

“I love "Love on Fire", I can see pictures in my mind and I really feel the music. That is not always the case but I really got touched by the music you have. Thank you!”

“LOVE your music and wish I lived in Belfast so I could come see you. Beautiful piano. Best wishes and love.”

“I’m feelin' your music! Keep on the grind!”

“I love the music! U puttin out fire!”

“Beautiful! I am really enjoying your music!”

“‘Beautiful Life’ is really nice!”

“Really great!”

“Incredible sound!”

“Your music and your playing is beautiful! Reminds me of George Winston... Love that guy.”

“Great piano and instrumentals!”

“Hello Lawrence, what a beautiful way to end my day with your music. I am totally captivated with your compositions and will showcase you”

“Beautiful music for the soul!”

“You are a blessing to ReverbNation and all that visit your page. Love your passion and talent. Blessing always”

“Just had a listen to ‘Love on Fire’ - Really like it!”

“Love On Fire is awesome!! great work, now that's art for me!”

“Nice sounds...”

“Great stuff here mate...keep up rock n rolla!”

“Beautiful music!”

“Love your music. Keep making it. Music bridges many gaps!”

“Your music is so relaxing, reflective and beautiful, enjoyed listening so much”

“Flying on the electronic highway we saw a sign that read GOOD MUSIC HERE positive vibes, jolee & lee”


“Loving all your sounds..”

“Your music is lovely..”

“Cool music!”

“Awesome sound!”

“Really nice..best wishes!”

“Cool vibes here!”

“Your music is just gorgeous...really enjoying going through them.”

“Great music, keep it coming!”

“Nice songs-good work!”

“To God be the glory!”

“Beautiful sounds. LiaVen”

“Peeped your song! Keep it up!”

“Your music is wonderful! I very much enjoyed listening to your beautiful piano playing. Thanks for introduction to your world of music!”

“Beautiful music! Haunting!”

“Your Music is Heavenly, Thanks again for taking time to listen to mine..I will share your piece with my friends..Very hypnotic playing, beautiful!”

“Love your music! What wonderful compositions Laurence!”

“I like your sounds!”

“Superb and inspiring compositions by a very talented artist. Bravo!”

“Enjoying your music!”

“Great tracks! Wishing you all the best for your music!”

“Enjoyed listening to your tunes!”

“Your music is just so beautiful! Went straight in my list of 'Great music on RN”

“Your musik is awesome! Luv it!”

“I love your music!!”

“Loved your music! Stay blessed..”

“Hi...really enjoyed your music!”

“I love your sound! I will meet you in paradise some day!”

“‘Lovely work here!'”

“‘I really enjoyed the sounds here’!”

“'Beautiful - meditative - it engulfs the listener. A wonderful musical landscape. God bless you’!”

“'Love your music and heart for Christ!! Keep spreading God through music and God's BEST to you'!”

“‘We will hopefully enjoy each others music for a very long time’!”

“‘Have a blessed year in all your music"!”

“‘God bless your ministry’!”

“‘I am a “Fan”! God Bless. Dave'”

“’Stunning Compositions’...Wishing you a rocking year’!”

“...‘Salute your music’!!!!”

“...I'm listening to your music right now. It's beautiful. I'm getting lost in it. Really great stuff. all the best. Jessie”

“...‘Love On Fire’ is magical! Love Carol x”

“Love 'Meet Me In Paradise’, Lili”

“'Just a quick hello, wanted to congratulate you on awesome music... Blessing for a wonderful year.... Mary'”

“‘Really beautiful work Laurence! You see the beauty in life. What a blessing!'”

“Dear Laurence, So beautiful music, Thank you for sharing your magnificent and beautiful universe, I really love your music Sending positive energy, Peace & Love*”

“‘Lovely sounds! Very interesting piano work!! All the very best. Sven'”

“‘Horns up - More power! You rule!!”

“‘Wonderful music Laurence! Beautiful piano work!! All the best to you!'”

“‘Beautiful tracks!'”

“‘I really like your work. Melancholy with rich hope!'”

“'‘Love On Fire’ - Wow!'”

“‘Pure sweetness before the Lord!'”

“‘Beautiful and captivating music Laurence! Awesome job!'”

“‘I listened to your instrumental and it was beautiful!'”

“‘Beautiful music! I love your paintings too!”

“‘Great sound here!'”

“‘I am listening to your music, beautiful as well! Be blessed!'”

““Keep going with your beautiful music”!”

"Beautiful piano work...You make one piano sound like an orchestra for the Lord. God bless you".

“‘What amazing compositions. You shine with the pureness of heavenly attributes. Impressive. Wish you the best in all you do’.”

“'Great anointed music. Keep up the calling of Psalmist that God has placed upon you'”

“'Hello, What an amazingly heartfelt and compelling sound! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Beautiful! Thank You!'”

“‘Blessings to you!'”

“'Nice Music!'”

“'Enjoying the music. Peace'”

“'Hey SN, I just wanted to say hi, and that I really like your piano pieces - very ambient and introspective! Blessings'”

“‘Absolutely beautiful!'”

““I love your music.... Such inspiration and beauty!"”

"Thanks so much for ...introducing me to your amazing music’!

“*Beautiful compositions ! Soothing sounds. Very nice’!”

“'God Bless you and your music in 2012"!”

““You rock’!”

““Great Sounds”!”

“*Good Stuff”!”

““Keep up the beautiful work”!”

““Thank You”!”

““Love the songs Laurence. Every blessing to you!””

““Hey! Love your stuff’!”

““Hey. I somehow came on your page and listened and fell in love with your music. You are gonna go far.” ”

““Listening to ‘Simeon's Prophecy’ as I write & greatly enjoying your style. Very inspiring”. ”

““Mesmerising, beautiful work..i always wish i had the confidence to let music like this just speak for itself... it's great to hear serenity so cleanly presented”! ”

““Beautiful Music"”

“‘Hello Laurence. Very peaceful and contemplative music. Thank you”! ”

“I listened to 'Beautiful Life'...I loved it... it's a deep thought provoking beautiful track. May our Lord and our God continue to be with you….” ”