Soulive / Press

“Damn, those funky fellows and creative cats in Soulive must be the epitome of creative artistic freedom. Whether funking things up with the original funk collective Lettuce, releasing solo albums, heading their own recording label and studio, or jazzing it up as Soulive, they’ve always done things their own way. It’s no surprise then, to find that on Rubber Soulive, the original trio of Alan and Neil Evans and Eric Krasno is following its own instinctive, artistic intuition in covering the music of the Beatles.”

“Tuesday night is the night for the hardcore partiers. This is why: Obviously, everyone wants to live it up on the weekends, these are your nine-to-fivers, your people who only show their faces a couple days a week, they might come out for happy hour once in a while, but they're usually in and out early. Mondays are for people recovering from the weekend. Wednesday, well, Wednesday is hump day, sometimes we all need a little something to celebrate. Thursdays are college nights, if you were saavy enough to schedule yourself with no classes, and in a town like Charleston, college night is no small matter. So where does it leave the true blue few? Tuesday is the party night.”

“JamBase Questonnaire: Soulive”

“When The Revivalist arrived at the studio for Royal Family Records to meet up with Adam Deitch (hip-hop, jazz, and funk drummer for Lettuce), Eric Krasno (guitarist of the much revered band Soulive), and Nigel Hall (multi-instrumentalist/vocalist), only Kras and Hall were present. Deitch was at his dad’s gig at B.B. Kings. Both of his parents are professional drummers. Go figure. ”