Soulganic / Press

“Soulganic combines elements of jazz and soul with Latin rhythms for a unique brand that’s all its own.”

Creative Loafing

“The music...has a live and (obviously) organic feel about it. That’s the secret and attraction. There’s nothing here...formularised or clichéd.”

Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK)

“A perfected blended sound of Funk and Soul.”


“Soulganic…creates funky soulful grooves with a lot of rhythm.”

Next Music Blog

“Heavy percussion and latin grooves would be the best way to describe Soulganic. Icognito meets Carlos Santana. Imagine that! Funktastic.”

Music Addikts

“Soulganic has a flow, smooth groove and energy that any music enthusiast will enjoy.”

Urban Mainstream Magazine

“The group may have a buttoned-down look, but their musical sound lets it all hang out. If your soul is hungry for good music, then the sounds of Soulganic will definitely feed you.”


“Soulganic … sound[s] like some of the best soul and jazz-funk bands of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s organic music from the soul, that’s as real as it can be.”


“The funk syncopation of Soulganic offers the bluesy soul of old-style R&B, laced with Latin percussion. [They] are phenomenal.”

Skope Magazine

“The four from Soulganic don’t limit themselves to Soul. Rock & Funk, a trace of Jazz improvisation & inspiration, a relaxing Latin flow & rasping Blues provide the cornerstones to the Soulganic philosophy.”

Soulsite (Germany)

“[Soulganic] is groovy, solid and original.”

Ultra Indie Album Reviews

“Soulganic…brew[s] up an intoxicating blend of funky soul with a distinctive Latin tinge and more than a dash of blues, rock, and jazz.”


“It’s hard to find a band that can speak to an eclectic and diverse crowd. Their music comes close to doing just that … there’s something in that soulful funk that everyone gets.”

SOTAC Magazine