Soulever Lift / Press

“It’s at first difficult to pin down what sets Soulever Lift apart from other indie rock bands, but then again, it isn’t every day you find a band willing to meld the aggressive sounds of rock with the slick suaveness of soul. Soulever Lift does it, and it does it with panache."”

Cody Daigle - The Times of Acadiana

"Soulever Lift's singular sound is complex, crazy and cosmopolitan"..."the only place in the world you will ever see a band completely freaking out onstage, with some fans doing the Harlem Shuffle while others are playing mean licks on air guitar."

Justin Vaughan - The Maroon Weekly

“Most bands strive to be unique, and by playing to their various skill sets, the "Soulever Lift musicians acommplish that: They turn out soul- and R&B-inflected grooves fueled by rock ’n’ roll energy"”

Caroline Collier - Fort Worth Weekly