Soul Census / Press

“Peter Floyd met Tamar "T'Slick" Wade in a most unlikely place that eventually led to the formation of a multi-genre music band -- Soul Census. "We were both working at Hardee's in Carterville. I had just moved here from Bloomington," said Floyd, of Carbondale. "We started talking and found out we were both musicians. We met after work and began jamming." That was in 2010. Today, with the addition of other musicians such as Floyd's wife, Whitney Marie Townsend, vocalist and songwriter; bass player Mark Strawn; lead guitar player Kane Kerley; and keyboard Paul Beckmeyer, the band is knocking on stardom's door. Having gathered almost half the votes among four bands competing in a Summer Camp Music Festival audition earlier this year at Hangar 9 in Carbondale, Soul Census will perform at the famed outdoor music festival on May 23 in Chillicothe.”

“Summer Camp heats up Hangar “All the bands that are playing tonight are extremely talented. I enjoy them all,” Gossman said. “Soul Census takes the cake for me and it’s great that Summer Camp is giving them the opportunity to do this.” ” Soul Census was the band picked to perform at the Summer Camp Music Festival.”

“Soul Census taking count across country The band was selected to play at this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival. The music festival is part of the band’s national tour.”

“Soul Census: Soulfully Ascending into a First Big Tour!! One of Carbondale’s own is getting ready to spread wings and leave the nest for a first national tour.”