SottoSopra69 / Press

“Hey, Gooooood vibes here!!”

The Boulton Brothers ...

“One of the Best Musik. Thank you for finding.Absolute great. Fatal good.”

Thomas Schillmeier

“Absolutely beautiful music and guitar playing. "Silent Moon" is wonderful. xo”

Bronwyn Gray

“great guitar and rhythm tracks..nice one for linking up..wishing you much success”

The Midnight Waltz


nancy-ann michaud

“You have a truly sophisticated sound, rarely found in modern music, except from a few, and you are among them, who understand that music like all art, is there to make us listen and look harder. Thanks, and I will share this.”

Richard Schiff

“Nice guitar playing. It has a vocal quality to it. cheers from Seattle.”

Xarl (instrumentals)

“Love, love, Love your innovative music, like bubbles in champagne, I am with your spirit through Saturo... I wait patiently for the next, sound, rift, instrument to join the phenomenal melodies.... Thank you.”

Nancy Shuster

“Beautiful music, I love it!”

Menace The Savage

“Hi sottoSopra 69! Great music! God Bless you! Happiness!!! Success!!!”




“Fantastic music.”

Joseph Fly

“Músicas de muito bom gosto ! parabéns .”

Evandro Pacheco Nunes Nunes

“...very pleasant listening”

Beverly Stevens

“nice guitar music or is this some other ,lovely melody”

Vuokko Heino

“This is so beautiful...!!!”

Michael McKinley

"Silent Moon" is one of your best !!!

Michael L. McKinley

“Excellent in all ways. Very much enjoying your music!”

Tom Hedrick

“Your music is wonderful!! I wish you all the best.”

Elisabeth Schettner

“Ciao from USA! We just love the guitar tone on "Fate", beautiful leads.”

Paper Angels

“Amazing guitar work! Great instrumentals really enjoyed listening to your set list. Happy to be fans all the best for 2014...The Fores”

The Fores

“Thanks for the love,,,your sounds are great”


“Happy New Year! Your music sounds awesome! Look forward to hearing more! Keep up the good work! MargaretP COSMIC EDICT band/indie”


“Its MORE than "nice" listening !Its faNtastic! HaVe a haPpY heALthY & creAtiVe neW yEar !”

❤ GuNDiRoCk ❤

“Wonderful music! I enjoyed all your melodies and arrangements!”

Adri-Anne Ralph

“Outstanding performances. Sounds awesome. Wish you all the best!”

Greg Stevenson

"THE FATE"- enjoyed the listen, GREAT song!!

Darren Cinque

“No Hard Feeling has a jazzy and unique feel and blend! Nice!”

Heleana Maria

“I became a fan, immediately. You are rocking here. Beautiful music. Thank you. Love, Shailaun”


“You've made some excellent music! Well done!”

Jon Rowell

“You are a wonderful aWesoMe MuSiciAn !! I LOVE your brilliant works !!!”

❤ GuNDiRoCk ❤

“Really amazing work, great production. I love the sound of each instrument, those drums are killer. Keep it up!”

Charlie Kelsey

“I like the mysterious/worldly feel in "An asphalt flower"! -One who May Ascend”

One who May Ascend™

"Asphalt Flower" very cool.

Ricky Alan Ray

“Nicely done! I'm digging your sound! Wishing you the best in all that you do. :')”

Sadie Blu

“Good work im impressed im just a rapper but I could def flow to ur muzik Great Great work!!”

soulfulone aka shorty...

“Great sound here! you Rocks!”

Pedro Lopes (Artist) Pedro Lopes

“The tracks sound GREAT!”

Guitar Star Matteo

“Your music is marvellous too.!!!!!!!”

Milagros Rios

“magician of guitar”

Yuriezequiel Soto Ortiz

“Beautiful sonic canvas, indeed as you've stated we are slaves to our dreams, but the price of passion is beyond normal reason. Thanks for "slaving away!"”

T. David Gohlke

“awesome guitar play.... im diggin the sound....”


“Your guitars are fantastic... :-)”

Virus B

“Amazing sonics...amazing compositions...simply beautiful expression of living...thanks”


“Amazing control...well done!”

Simon Guitar John!

“Verry good!I love your music...good luck”

Steliyan Donev Stellko

“Thank you for your sensitive playing-very expressive guitar! Best Wishes, ~Ossia Duo~”

Ossia Duo

“Great instrumentals and a smooth sound. Your songs are intense and emotional. Great job”

Priscilla Jones

“This is "GOLD STANDARD" musicianship. Hard to put words in here to match the reaction to the sound. How about DELICIOUS! You deserve #1!”


“Very impressive artistry.”

Jim Davis

“Impressive material. Truly exceptional and stellar work. Proud to be fans of yours.”

October Road

“Wow i am really love what am listening to .”

amr mahmoud

“Silent Moon is sooooo pretty. And love that Chihuahua!”

Birdie Jones

“ Listened to your first song..liked much..great stuff..EXCELLENT GUITAR!!! ROCK ON!!! Jean ”

Jean Vivace/Space

“ hey! I love your way of understanding music, sensitive, originality ...very nice... is a pleasure for me your support. thanks!! greetings from Barcelona”


“ No Hard Feelings is sooo good! Fantastic guitar!!!! LOVE it all, every track is so much fun. I am a fan.”

Jamazon Cloud

“ Very, very nice. I really like your pieces. Wishing you the very best in your music! ☺♫”

Shoshana Michel

“ Nice, Nice and Nice.”

Stealing Face

“ Great sound and playing. Very different for a guitar instrumental. Nice.”

Fred Rush

“ Just picked an asphalt flower and smelt its beauty - well done!”

The Electric Era

“ great sounds !!!”

Dj Joanna

“ I'm so glad I discovered your awsome talent and music on RN. I'll be back for more listens. :) Peace - Mike Hounshell”

Mike Hounshell

“ Just to say.. "Ipno bubble2 is probably me fav...real nice style here..lots of feeling...sweet.. CA”


“ Very inspiring music”


“ Hard to pick a favourite here because they're all so good but I really loved 'No Hard Feelings'. Loved the sound and touch on the guitar!”

The DoPe Brothers


ML McKinley

“ Just love "Silent Moon" and "No hard feelings"...AWESOME..a pleasure to listen.”


“ "An Asphalt Flower"...Wow, great song!! Beautiful music!! Best Regards~ J.O.A.”


“ Love the titles...love the acoustic in asphalt flower and the nice electric over top....also love your quote! Bravo! :) Molto Bene”

Mike Nicholson



“ Outstanding guitar work!!! I Love it!”

Eric Wash

“ Fantastic music,wonderful !”

Richard Harper

“ VAST TALENT excellent”

Christopher Headmesser

“ Well played highly professional music. Your music reeks of hard work and sacrifice.”

Orev Shalom

“ An Asphalt Flower is awesome. Keep up the good work!”

The Lost Will Follow

“ This is music from the soul to the soul...Just incredible composition, feeling behind every note. I'm inspired by your sound!! Much love and respect from Australia :)”

From My Bedroom Pro...

“ Great tracks, good sound, very good work! FW!!”

Fantasma Web

“ Great songs! All the best”


“ CoOl TuNeZ..! ;-o !”

They Made Monsters

“ "Ipno" is a fantastic guitar-based song. Interplay between bass and lead guitar is so tight. This tune rocks!!”


“ I love your beautiful guitar work! ”

Rose Lisa

“ Great guitar sensibility and sound!!! I liked your music”

Aldo Cocco-Verbauwen

“ Beautiful!! Great sound!”

Rafael Perales

“ Great to meet you. Great tracks and great arrangement. It´s a pleasure to listen. Kind regards Egmont”

Egmont Zumbroich

“ Great sound, excellent beat-driven feel.”

Mark Raven

“ Listening to No Hard Feelings, very cool!”


“ Great music. You are a great artist!”

Sheila Ann

“ Great Tunes Greetings from Atlanta”

Country God

“ great music and vibes. Always a pleasure when I visit here”


“ so wonderful Tunes-always a pleasure to listen to !!”

❤ GuNDiRoCk ❤

“ awsom music great sound just love it <3 Justin”

ÐJ JùStìñ™

“ Listening to your featuring song..excellent music and performance..LOVE YOUR SKILLFUL GUITAR PLAYING!!! ROCK ON!!! Jean”

Jean Vivace/Classical

“ Great Production, Nice Vibe.”


“ An Asphalt Flower is haunting and beautiful!”

Anja &amp; Makayla

“ Sounds good. Well done!”

The Coates Brothers Band

“ Great sounding music, really made my day!! Wishing you the best in your wildest endeavors, because were would this world be without dreamers like us.”

Ghosts of Dixie

“ You really are talented, we feel honored to have the opportunity to listen to your amazing creativity. May God bless you so you can continue doing this industry proud.”

Dr3am Ville

“ Magnificent guitar sound, always great music here! Warmest greetings from Japan”


“ listening again to your excellent music”

Acoustic Lighting

“ "The Fate" is amazing!”

The Reese Boyd Project

“ filling my ears and lovin it !”

Ray Elderbroom

“ Listening to "Silent Moon" right now, I love the guitar work and cool sound!”


“ heeey sottosopra! i found your music only today -thnx to and i reeeally love your work, im under hypnosis or what when im listening to your songs :) wochou ! (ďakujem!)”

Apple Green

“ Splendid tracks S !!! P”


“ Great playing!”

Dearest Home



“I'm SO glad I stopped in. This music is Excellent, Amazing, Incredible. Everything. Music, arrangements, Musicians...”

Extreme Dream

“ Listening to the excellent Silent Moon & sending warm wishes from the icy side of UK”


“ "Silent Moon" beautiful acoustic melody and style! Love the gentle sweetening. So. Fla cheers * Patricia”


“ Good songs - enjoyed to listen!”


“ Great stuff man!”

Chiral Theory

“ Thank you for your wonderful AN ASPHALT FLOWER - you amaze me ! GuNDi”


“ Just listened and loved your tune "The Fate" ”

Cliff Gundersen

“ Man, you have an amazing sound. Great guitar playing. We dig it!”

Unicorn Warrior

“Like the other beautiful music on his page, this is very very good !”

Frederick Harrison Rucker

“ Great stuff love the groove in "No Hard Feelings" Cheers from Halifax Canada Darrell Chaisson”

Darrell Chaisson

“ absolutely beautiful...”

Jennifer Renee

“ Gran sound amico mio...”

Stefano Miucci

“ Great Sounds.Excellent job.I love your cool music.Dream all time is possible so easy.Thanks friend.Highly Recommended, friends ;)”

No Zu Sounds Electron...

“ nice job, nice work, nice art and very nice music... complete!”


“ love this stuff listening to no hard feelings now wow the vibe is incredable love the fusion.”

Tokin&#39; Blues Band

“ your music is awesome”

The Unnamed

“ Absolutely Beautiful Talent ! An Asphalt Flower is a piece of Art Work ! All Are Grand Cheers ! Chad Loch~~~”

Chad Loch

“ Sounds BRiLLiANT !!”


“ hi from untaintedwater ! love your songs !”

untainted water

“ hy,i love your songs .i wish you all the best ,goodluck.”

Diesel_n Baby

“ Silent Moon - Absolutely splendid. Such a warm feel. You radiant calmness. I like your creativity. Brilliant.”

Ashton Haze

“ Bravissimo! Fantastic music & stellar production. I am loving it all... Ciao)))”

Rocco Altamura

“ Great songs! Keep up the good work btw”


“ Great guitar work! Really enjoying listening to An Asphalt Flower”

Fusion Beat

“ Beautiful guitar and music,enjoyed your wonderful videos and art,your music silhouette's against nature superbly,have a most inspirational week of art and song, Peace and Wo...”

Johnny Bonkers

“ Sounds great, nice work!”

Sam Pearce Music

“ Great music! Great sound! "No Hard Feelings" is one of our favorites! Wish you all the best!”

LPB band

“ Very cool sound colors!!”

John Revitte

“ Very cool!!!”


“ Nice sound! JM”

John Moukarzel

“ Very cool music here! YES! Richard”

Richard D. Ruttenberg

“ Great playing and technique, Very cool instrumental tracks too. W&W”


“ Beautiful musical moods on "Silent Moon"!!”

John Revitte

“ Bonne musique ici!”


“ Enjoyed listening, keep on groovin!!! Greetings from Bavaria. Best wishes :)”

The Blue Mountain Pr...

“ Good work and music!”


“ Truly beautiful music. Outstanding guitar. Best of luck. Anu.”

Anu Sava

“ me gusta mucho, me resulta muy evocador su trabajo. Gracias”

Región Industrial Music

“ Hi there;) BEAUTIFULL Guitars!! Nice Work;) ”

The Glumsters

“ enjoyed listening nice material”


“ Very cool stuff..very well made and performed..love it!!! Jean”

Jean Vivace

“ Amazing Music here. Great Musicianship, Melodies and all arrangements. Very Tasteful Guitar work as well. I just pushe...”

Extreme Dream

“ good work..”

First Aid Box

“ "An Asphalt Flower" is really cool!!! Nice playing!!!”

Saltine aka The Mad ...

“ Amazing stuff! Listened with big pleasure! Thank you for your music, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One missed may

“ Great work. Great guitar work with the smooth musical passages.”

Steve Parisien

“ Great sound you have here! Thank you,Kathy =LNL”

Loud N Loaded Promot...

“ Your music is pure artistry, meditation, healing for the soul.”

Ethan k Bernhardt

“ Incredibly beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex Skarred Kage”

Skarred Kage


Ron Sillito

“ Lovin this guitar! It nice.”

Marval University [C...

“ "An asphalt flower", "Just Beginning to Sprout",... great axe work and overall musicianship. Best wishes!”

Shakti Khane

“ "Silent Moon" is stunning. Lovely.”

Danielle Reich

“ This is some of the very best music I've found here! Very impressive! My best to you”

Jeffro Bodeen

“ "An Asphalt Flower" Is Excellent Guitar Work.”

David L. Vacek &amp; Mon...

“ GREAT guitar works! LIKE!!”


“ Enjoyed listening to your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska

“ Enjoyed your music..”

Ashley Wineland

“ Great guitar sound. Fantastic music, liked every track.”


“ Soulful beautiful vocals..Good Songs!!! All the best! Success!!! Xoxo Rosana ALves from Brazil!”

Rosana Alves

“ Hello there, very glad to meet you... Listened to "No Hard Feelings" - beautiful, love your playing! Added to my favourites. Keep making music, and all the best from your n...”


“ Lovely guitar work!”

Zeus Rooster

“ Like your sound!”

Dirt Star

“I was hooked as soon as I pressed the play button, excellent ambiance and guitar work! Definately recommending you! ”

Jackn Bones

“ Fine sounding music here!!! Bill”


“ love silent moon, so cool, great work”


“ Dream the dreams of realities that are to be. Your music is very good. I enjoyed it. Well played. I wish you all the best.”

Barbarian Wizard

“ very cool tunes here ,much to enjoy”

&quot;Age Of Reason&quot; San ...

“ Breathing a deep breath to your sounds presently. Anytime you wanna do some collabo send me a track - I'd love to go in on somethin' abstract with ya. Beautiful. REspect, E...”

El Soul



“ Bella musica! Grazie!”

SATO Jazz group

“ mi piace”

the low brows

“ Bellisima! Auguri!”

Hey Lucy!

“had a listen to " Silent moon " and really enjoyed the song, terrific arrangement, melody, instrumentation and love your style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings a...”

dean jablonski

"Silent Moon" is ............... just beautiful ! Wishing you much success !

Jeffrey Whitman

“Listening to "Silent Moon" right now. Excellent music!”

Liam McFadden

“You have some very beautiful acoustic guitar work good sir :)”

Bassist Brainchild

“Great instrumentals.Loved the feeling of your songs!!!”

Each Way

“You have an awesome style and are such a gifted musician and thank you for sharing your "Incredible" music”

Jimmy Byrd - Guitarist

“Sounds wonderful !”


“Great music ,my compliments for a great job !!! Blessings from the Netherlands”

Son of live

“Silent Moon is beautiful ~ Quite simply love that guitar!!”

Andrew Austin

“Very nice sounds very soothing relaxing vibe it brings.. 100”


“Keep making your excellent music! An Asphalt Flower has a really cool smooth sound. ♥ M. @mystikjipsy Tw...”


“Fantástica música en tu página !!!! Besos desde España. Natalia”

Natalia Palacios

“Beautiful, lilting guitar melodies. You really know how to make the instrument sing!”


“Excellent sounds Sotto :)”


“SilentMoon is lovely. Wonderful guitar music here. I am a big fan. Frank Smith”

Sills &amp; Smith

“I am listening to "Silent Moon." Very fine instrumental. Musically, Shane”

Shane Alan Swaim - ...

“Silent Moon! absolutley beautiful... :-)”


“Agradeço pelo o carinho! belíssima música.”

Lu - Geelumusic

“Awesome music! I loved the combinations of influences and the general vibe... simply brilliant ... you are an immensely talented artist… more power to you.”

NewTribeZ Radio

“Incredible guitar work!”

Dry Martinez

“Superb music and talent. Have a listen to "Silent Moon" sweet... Much success - B”

Bernie Landry

" Silent Moon " fantastic track......Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts


Steven Jackson

“wonderful sound and texture here on these songs!”

Acoustic Lighting

“Silent Moon is absolutely stunning!!!! Absolutely swept away!! Cheers and all the best!”

Brennagh Burns

“Hello there!Great work on ''Silent Moon''..Cool sounds & guitars..Now checking ''Just Beginning to Sprout''..Cheers, Void 13”

Void 13


Razvan Stroie

“So beautiful. Had to have it on iTunes immediately.”

Me, the Hero?

“Beautiful Guitar Work!!!!”

Sanctioned To Life

“WOW - Excellent guitar”


“Great work; love your guitar skills! Peace~G”

G William Boyd

“Great guitar work! Very nice chilling sounds! Keep up the good work! Regards from Munich”


“beautiful tone on the guitar you've got here..really loving the jazzy, funky groove of "no hard feelings"..so chilled, so sparkly!!”


“Beautiful Instruments - Keep it up <3 Kellie”

Kellie Luvella

“Great sounds!!!! The asphalt flower video was tres cool. Keep it comin'”

Chuck Allen Lapointe

“Loving 'Silent Moon' - fantastic music!!! :) - OD”

Otto&#39;s Daughter

“Wonderfully engaging music...”

Shelia Michellè

“Very chilled...love it!!”


“Great Work, all the best, best regards, DITRADEM”


“GREAT !!”


“Amazing guitar work! Fine tones and control, greasy phrasing, and TONS of feel. Some fine songs too!”

The Professor and Na...

“Oi, SottoSopra69! Linda música e melodia, Gostamos muito! Desejamos muito sucesso!”


“CIAO!! annche da me i complimenti per il tuo lavoro..e tecnica naturalmente”


“Excellent guitar work,my friend!Especially like 'Asphalt flower'.All luck to you,Peace out,Dean”

the Dean Gray band

“Wonderful work, SottoSopra69. Continued successes to you. illy”


“Very fine guitar playing, recording and mixing with FX & synthesizer - it really fits - I love that silent sound !”

Hans Henning Thomas

“Excellent instrumentals. Love your guitar creativity.”

Simonton Bridge

“Nice!!! Great playing!!”


“Stellar - Clean - Excellent - Worth Listening to!!!!!! Just beautiful and powerful stuff.”

Gail Chasin

“Silent Moon is exquisite! Fine musicianship here. Beautiful, beautiful music!”

Damn Hippies

“Very cool page...we enjoyed your music!!! Keep up the good work. Much love from Ukraine.”


“really great sound to you. I really like No Hard Feelings”


“An asphalt flower is a very good sounding track. Tommy Carl”

Tommy Carl

“Your Great Boss! Superb! You rule!”


“An asphalt flower is very cool.. Tommy Carl”

Tommy Carl

“Finally an accomplished musician on reverbnation I think you are awesome! I really enjoyed your music I think your guitar playing is skilled”

Crystal Aire

“Awesome tracks! Cheers from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!”


“Great work my friend! Feel your soul, You ROCK ! Keep it burnin' Regards from Morocco!”


“Your expertise on guitar makes these wonderful songs sound effortless. The intricate "Silent Moon" glows blissfully. "An Asphalt Flower" is strong and beautiful.”

Juliann Andreen

“Very cool sound...love "An Asphalt Flower"!!! Cheers and all the best!!!”

Brennagh Burns

“Veramente una bella musica!!!! complimenti...^_^”

Marco Turrini &quot;Seekx Krisis&quot;

“Excellent work”

Guitarzan and the Fretters

“Cool sounds man, just listening to " Ipno Bubble " fantastic! All the best :-)”

Binary DNA

“Playing Silent Moon, nice work, sweet track, best wishes from the Attic. JP”


“Really beautiful songs & video.”

David Lacey/Jumproom To Mars

“amazing !!”


“Quality music, enjoying listening to "An asphalt flower"!”

Amber Music Express

“Music.........I like your music. Cal.”

Tell it to my face!

“Nice work!”

Marcelo Affonso

“Fantastic work on * Silent Moon *. Keep creating and all the best . T”


“Wonderful music! I really enjoyed listening! Keep it coming! Wish you much success! --Slam Horse”

Slam Horse

“no hard feelings is lovely :) M.L.F.L emily”

Emily (MuchLoveFromLondon)

“gorgeous music”


“Your music is great... so trancendental, just like a dream!”

The Secret Door


Kevin M. Thomas

“Dear wonderful friend, Grande Musica! So beautiful and magnificent. I'm happy to connect with you. Peace & Love always Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato

“AWESOME sound!”

So To Speak

“Beautifully done.”

The Paula Franceschi Band

“Love your music :-)”

Jesseca White

“Dig ur sound!!!!”




“excellent set!”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

“your music is beautiful, makes me feel happy ;)”


“Enjoyed listening to your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska

"An asphalt flower"...awesome composition, arrangement & musicianship!.

R. Pickett Bugg

“Good music and videos ''awesome'' ! Good things coming for you in the future !”

Michael South

“Enjoying the playing. Smooth.”

my name is mark

“Starting my Day with, "An Asphalt Flower". This is Incredible Work. Flawless.”


“Great sound and arrangements...Tim”

Tim James Band

“Cool sound and playing!”


“awesome, original, and very powerful!”

Brian Haley

“Great music!”

Madi White

“Great sounding guitar!”

Gregory Grant

“I'm definitely feeling Silent Moon - great sound on this one!!! much love ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“just beginning is awesome. nicely done.”


“Very well crafted music, excellent guitar work, very nice melodies. Enjoyed listening to your work.”

Blue Xrysalis

“buchanproductions Incredible and superbly produced music, so impressed! God bless Coreetta”


“you make the great work, full & much respect...regards”

Dani Mkd in GOODWILL

“Nice work!!!! Very cool!!!”

Unknown Pop Stars

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.Henry Ward Beecher ogni artista intinge il suo pennello nella sua anima, e dipinge la sua propria natura nei suoi quadri.”

Henry Ward Beecher - Every artist