Sorrows / Press

"Sorrows' Arthur Alexander has said that their music is like 'Abba meets the Sex Pistols.' That concept may first strike you as an oxymoron, but when you hear Bad Times Good Times, you’ll realize it’s absolutely plausible, and it makes for some boisterous - and timeless - power pop songs."

“The band excels at dreamy ballads like the “Silver Cloud” and soaring pop tunes like the glorious “Can’t Go Back,” but its real forte is rockers. “Second Chance,” “Teenage Heartbreak,” “Television” and the title track practically boil over with rock & roll energy, jolting the pop sugar with caffeine strained through *Chuck Berry*’s coffee filter. Not a false note is struck nor a dissonant chord jangled. Sorrows mix salty and sweet in a most savory way, and Bad Times Good Times will be enough to satisfy even the pickiest power pop jones.”

"Sorrows' music is energetic, passionate power-pop expertly executed. Most importantly, it's timeless. Their album Bad Times Good Times is a cool 48 minutes long, featuring 14 originals and two live covers at the end. The key citations here are 'Beatles' and 'Flamin' Groovies.' If you want to follow that genetic lineage back to the source of classic rock and roll, look no farther than Sorrows, who will sing you a song of good times and bad times." -

“What toilet bowl was I throwing up in when this band walked supreme above the Earth. I can only imagine they were somehow lost in the power pop shuffle. Can the history of Rock and Roll be rewritten immediately?”

“Sorrows annouce US Tour Dates!”