Sorrowseed / Press

“Sorrowseed were born to melt skulls. It’s a melodic, extreme metal assault of the senses that forever embeds their sound and their image within your mind. You will never forget their name. You will forever remember their incredible, brain-bashing sound. You will wake up at 3AM from dreams of owning the mosh pit.”

“(Sorrowseed are) still essentially the New England manifestation of all things Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Hecate Enthroned, Seibenburgen, Therion and Limbonic Art, only I don't feel like they arrive at that destination via emulation or parody, but rather due to a shared love of Gothic horror, fantasy, piano instrumentation and extreme metal.”

"Sure it is difficult not to mention Cradle Of Filth, it’s a similar sort of place that we find ourselves in, but I am more engaged with this than anything I have heard from that lot in years and quite honestly, Lilith’s vocals are far more formidable than that mischievous imps' - she can provide both beauty and beast vocals admirably"

"Few strike terror into the hearts of music aficionados around the world like Sorrowseed. A darkly melodic metal tapestry of twisted, disturbed prophecies led by the violent screams of bandleader and resident Goddess LILITH ASTAROTH, Sorrowseed continues to cut a fiery swath of destruction through the New England music scene and beyond, with a brutally hardcore, nightmarish sound that is not for the faint of heart. " DJ Sterling Golden - STERLINGTOLOGY RADIO

“The third band was Sorrowseed - excellent performance, again the best part were the vocals of Lilith, the guitarists shredded their weight while Subrick was in the back whipping his hair like some crazy guy. I was whipping my hair in front of the stage like some crazy guy.”

“Altogether, Sorrowseed have created a fantastic story and a fantastic album with 'Prophecies' as it folds out like a play with different acts. The mystique of each individual's part heightens the emotional aspect of the ride and one cannot really skip around the album, or just listen to one disc without the other in order to really enjoy the entire album. ... Hopefully their next effort will be just as exciting and specialized so listeners can get that feeling of being completely transported somewhere other than reality again, which is exactly what people usually seek in music. 5 out of 5.”

“It is pretty rare when I am impressed by anything that is within the goth-doom genre of rock but Sorrowseed have indeed impressed me with "The Extinction Prophecies". Disc 2 overshadows disc 1 in terms of memorable passages of music in my mind which affects my rating for this album but the professionalism that is displayed on this album is incredible so this is still highly recommended listening...8/10”

"...gothish doom metal with a soul as black as a Norwegian church after a run-in with Count Grishnackh." -

Pete Legasey - Boston's Weekly DIG

"..perfect for solitary headphone sessions and for contemplating the imminent demise of mankind and all of his feeble trappings ☺! .. I would recommend this record for fans of Cradle of Filth’s older titles like “Dusk and Her Embrace”.

"..it's rare that I hear something quite so painstakingly crafted as the 2CD debut album of Western Massachusetts' Sorrowseed, a group that establishes a missing link between Cradle of Filth's extreme Goth metal inclinations and the lush paradigms of mid 90s female fronted fare via Theater of Tragedy or The Gathering"

“The instrumental part for both CDs is skillfully composed and well arranged so you'll be able to discover a band that keeps its music catchy and quite fresh. I'm only curious if they'll have the ability to create a new album that tops this one.”