Sore Subjects / Press

“Sore Subjects out of Chicago are far away one of the very best of the new generation of old-style punk bands. They’ve got a 7” out on No Front Teeth Records that may or may not be already sold out, and if we’re lucky there will be many more releases to come! This band gets it right, playing thumping mid-tempo punk that’s simple, catchy, and straight-up bad-ass. Think Ramones meets Rip Off Records with boy/girl tandem vocals and a cheap-beer drinking (Schlitz? Yes!), leather jacket wearing modus operandi. Who can’t relate to that?! Their songs are primitive three-chord bashers, but they’re perfectly conceived and darn near impossible to get out of your head. This, my friends, is fun music. This, my friends, is PUNK ROCK. Let us hope that Sore Joey, Marissa DNA, and Charlie Trashcan have a full album in store for us. There are not enough bands like this left in the world!”

“Female-fronted pinhead punk that’s greatest strength is its cerebral-ality, ultimately manifesting itself to the lazy reviewer as a cross between Head and the Welders. Songs about drinking Schlitz® and getting your hair cut like Dee Dee Ramone, served up in a style that is not critically handicapped by undue musicianship. Messed me up so gloriously I went out and got my hair cut like a can of Schlitz® and drank a 24 oz. can of Dee Dee Ramone. Word.”

“I really enjoyed this record. Nothing flashy here, just straight forward punk rock. Ramones influenced (like it damn well should be) but unique and pulled off well, unlike so many bands that tread these waters. I love the female vocals with this style of punk rock. The Sore Subjects are Rock – n – Rolly, dry yet sassy. These guys get my stamp of approval. Yes.. the stamp exists.”

“This is what I am talking about. It's sorta mid-tempo. It's lo-fi to the point that it evens seems a little sloppy, but it's not. It's garage-y, but doesn't sound like it's from 1967. Mostly it's just catchy and fun to listen to. The male/female vocals is just the icing on the cake.”

“Solid playing from a three-chord punk trio with female and male vocal trade off. The lyrics are especially engaging with regular allusions to The Ramones. “Gimmie a Dee Dee” is a nice one about getting a haircut. “Tall Boys” sticks out as good rumination on the lifestyle: “All alone in the dark of the basement/you’re the reason why my face hit the pavement/ I’m hanging out with the tall boys.” This band also wins for going out of their way to make the word “aluminum” rhyme with “minimum.” Does it seem that those two words rhyme already? Think again. The delivery has a hint of bored attitude that makes you want to like them in spite of themselves.”

“Sore Subjects hail from Chicago, spewing fast party punk and maybe some vomit, too...For better or worse, these songs have an ability to instantly lodge themselves into your skull and make themselves comfortable.”

“Best of Chicago 2011: Best New Local Band - The Sore Subjects”

“Chicago three-piece, Sore Subjects, offers four songs in typical Ramones-inspired pop punk style on its debut EP. That is by no means a demeaning comment; Sore Subjects is very good at what it does. Unlike most bands that unabashedly ape The Ramones, Sore Subjects brings a better sense of humor than most Ramones-core ripoff bands do... If this 7” is any indication, the first full-length album from Sore Subjects is going to be a good one.”

“So, here are local punk rock bands that you absolutely have to check out! Visit their links and listen to their tunes... Sore Subjects - Chicago, Illinois - Another local Chicago Band, with a little more of an old-school punk feel, though. I personally can't stop listening to "Gimme a Dee Dee"... and it really makes me want a 'Dee Dee' right now! ”

“The garage-rock wave seems to have ebbed into the resurgence of pop punk. Where these two crests meet splashing onto the local scene are Chicago trio the Sore Subjects. Their Midwestern take on the easily accessible stylings of the Ramones places them alongside the new class of modern punks proudly upholding the “1,2,3,4″ ethos. Their songs are deceptively simple and wacky (such as their single “Back to the Jungle”). The guitarist Joey IPA’s downstrokes and drummer ChaChu’s 4/4 tempo will cause your feet to tap in time. Don your leather jacket and chew out the rhythm on bubble gum for a fist pumping blast of raw power.”