Soraia / Press

“The guitar/tambourine lead in a perfect intro to Sue's lyrics. The first time I heard this, I immediately thought of Janis Joplin. Sue seems to have the same sort of rasp on this track, and it made me want to give it a second listen. And a third. That's not to say she doesn't have her own sound, because she does. Her voice is raw and powerful and sensual and in-your-face, and by the third listen, I was singing along in my head. You will too.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed the intimacy of the performance and the genuine energy and heart the whole band put into the show. It was an evening of rock-and-roll as it should be--loud and hard, without pretense or apology."

"In an era when a song can go from hit single to old hat in less time than it takes to publish the weekly Billboard pop charts, one Northeast area band is playing the kind of music that captivated kids more than a quarter-century ago."

"...Listening to SORAIA is coming back home to the open arms of authentic, real rock ‘n’ roll..."

“...It makes no difference whether it’s 230 people or 23,000, the band came to rock and it was apparent on both nights. At the Summerfest gig, you never would have assumed that this was their first time in front tens of thousands of people....”

"...It's unlikely you'll hear any album in the next year whose rock and soul architecture sounds this fresh...."

"Shed the Skin"...it's a gutsy rocker seeping in attitude and low-slung guitar swagger. It's 70's rock feel...think Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix....Sue's voice brings back memories of the golden greats, like early Tina Turner and Janis Joplin...that soulful, powerful quality....

“This is a band that puts an intoxicating modern spin on its late-'60s hard rock influences, a band that does things its way, consequences be damned. (Not every group would be willing to play a CD release show alongside pole dancers).”

Andy Vineburg - Bucks County Courier Times

"....'What to Expect': Some pretty crazy energy....it's nothing short of magic...."

Spark Weekly

“Shed the Skin is an album that keeps you pounding on the wheel of your car. Open your car windows and scare the shit out of those hiphop kids cruising in their daddy's car in the next lane.”