Sony Holland / Press

"Holland’s intimate sound and dramatic phrasing find a perfect blend with the Theo Saunders Quartet."

Don Heckman - International Review Of Music

"A stylish, gracious singer who spins magic with every note and phrase she sings."

Jack Neal - Sacramento Bee

"A decidedly modern jazz diva... She combines the bell tones of Streisand and the style of Nancy Wilson."

Jane Ganahl - San Francisco Chronicle

"She caresses a song's lyrics and sings with warmth, impeccable phrasing and finesse."

Mac McDonald - The Monterey Herald

"Sony Holland delivers passion and elegance through every phrase... The voice is warm... full, and engaging. Sony is becoming a favorite request from our world wide listening audience..."

Dr. Mike Metheny - Radio IO Jazz

"The best way to describe Holland is as a throw-back singer; with a smooth and velvety voice, Holland reminds one of Peggy Lee and June Christy during their early years."

Thomas R. Erdmann - JazzReview.com

"If there were any justice, Sony Holland would be enjoying the same sort of international acclaim accorded Diana Krall and Michael Buble."

Paul Freeman - The Daily News Group

"Point is, vocalist Sony Holland is profoundly gifted. Holland begins at smooth, then intrigues. She is subtle to the supreme. That's her calling card and cut after cut displays her mastery of the form."

Dwight Hobbes - Twin Cities Daily Planet

"It's a very confident Sony Holland that sailed through her new show at the Rrazz Room. She knows her material suits her velvet delivery and her new band cooks up some smoldering arrangements."

Steve Murray - Cabaret Scenes

"Her style shows respect for the classics, but she goes further to own the songs she’s singing."

Doug Boynton - GirlSinger.org