Sonya McGuire / Press

“Sonya McGuire's music is unique and anointed for this generation. A fresh songwriter and artist, reaching the masses. ”

VaShawn Mitchell - International Gospel Recording Artist

“Sonya's music hits me right in the heart of my life's journey. It's soulful, anointed, and inspiring, exactly what’s needed today! ”

"When Sonya McGuire took the stage, the already charged room became intensified times 10. Sonya took the microphone and she commanded it with her vocals and her presence... I know a gift when I hear and see it and Sonya McGuire has quite a gift!"

“When I think of Sonya McGuire I think of a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Her sound and style is so unique, pure, and fresh! Her level of versatility in the delivery of various musical styles blows me away. She is a woman of elegance, grace and drive! She is definitely a mainstay! ”

B Chase Williams - Gospel Recording Artist

"Sonya McGuire, a woman of extraordinary talent and an inspirational artist... Sonya McGuire a powerful Psalmist and an anointed woman of God."