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“Sonyae Elise, “Lady Rebel Vol. 2” : Before winning Bravo’s “Platinum Hit,” Sonyae Elise issued the second in her “Lady Rebel” series. She isn’t reinventing the genre, nor is she jumping aboard current trends. Instead, she just delivers one of the more solid, traditional R&B albums of the year.”

“Pardon The Introduction: Sonyae Elise Is 'Platinum Hit' Status...”

“Sonyae Elise is no newcomer to the Singersroom realm. The Newark, New Jersey bred singer/songwriter recently won Bravo's songwriting reality competition "Platinum Hit". While taking a break from winning the show and celebrating her latest accomplishment, Sonyae spoke to Singersroom about leaving school for music, her experience on the show, as well as her latest mixtape, "Lady Rebel Vol.2". Check out what she shared with us in this short convo...”

“There have been a number of standouts on this season of “Platinum Hit,” but you may very well be out of your mind if you don’t put Sonyae Elise close to the top of the list. With a fantastic voice, sharp writing skills, and the rare ability to actually pour emotion into her music, she has won her way into the final four on the show -- and could be considered by many to be a favorite at this point. Continue reading on Examiner.com 'Platinum Hit' exclusive: Sonyae Elise talks favorite moments, 'musical sparks' - National TV | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-national/platinum-hit-exclusive-sonyae-elise-talks-favorite-moments-musical-sparks#ixzz1UUF6AQnh”

“Platinum Hit host Jewel thought Sonyae, with her strength as a concept writer, deserved to win: I really thought Sonyae deserved the win.There are a lot of writers who can write catchy melodies or chords, but it is rarer to find a strong concept writer. Concept makes a song stand out on the radio. It makes songs like "Firework" by Katy Perry or "The House That Built Me" written for Miranda Lambert stand out amongst all the heavy traffic of disposable songs on the radio. They are the ones that tend to climb the charts and stay there, and in the memory of a generation, when it really is done well. Think of "You're So Vain," or "Yesterday," or "Viva Las Vegas" or "Free Fallin'" --- all of them are so different, but so complete in a concept that they stick with you for generations.”

“Contestant Sonyae Elise has been awarded 1st place prize winner of the inaugural season of Bravo’s Platinum Hit. The New Jersey native earned a prize package that includes $100,000 cash, a publishing deal with Sony and a recording deal with RCA/Jive. Sonyae Elise is a potent combination of writer and performer with a wealth of experience, ranging from crooning and rapping her way through her albums Lady Rebel, Volumes 1 & 2, to roles in Off-Broadway productions of The Lion King, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Rag Time. You can check out her most recent release Lady Rebel Volume 2 in our Mix Room here. Congrats Sonyae!”

“Love it or hate it -- looks like loved it! From the first hook challenge, when Sonyae Elise dropped her polarizing chorus behind stunner shades, to the finale when the songwriter belted the bold track “My Religion,” the songwriter churned out hits week after week, until finally Jewel, Kara DioGuardi, Ketih Naftaly, and guest judge Leona Lewis rewarded her with the ultimate win on Platinum Hit.”

“Sonyae Elise, the singer and songwriter on "Platinum Hit" who did not play an instrument, was crowned the winner of the first season of Bravo's songwriting competition on Friday. Having released a mixtape, "Lady Rebel, Vol. 2," during the break between taping and the final announcement, Elise is already in the studio working on her first album. BMI-repped Elise, born and raised in northern New Jersey and currently based in Los Angeles, won $100,000 cash, a publishing deal with Sony and a recording deal with RCA/Jive. In an exclusive interview with Billboard.com, she shared her thoughts about the show's first season, hosted by Jewel and head judge Kara DioGuardi.”

“Sonyae Elise grew up in a musical family and spent most of her childhood in recording studios with her mother. Elise first began writing songs when she was only seven years old and hasn't stopped since. Although she doesn't play any instruments, Elise thinks that not being tied down to a piano or guitar gives her a creative freedom that the other contestants will not be able to match. Combined with her self-proclaimed lyrical genius, there is little doubt in Elise's mind that this competition is hers for the taking.”

“Bravo showcases emerging singer-songwriters on their quest to become the next big hitmaker when Platinum Hit premieres on Monday, May 30 at 10/9 c. The network's new music competition series gives viewers a front row seat to experience the journey and aspirations of these gifted songwriters and an inside look at this unique creative process for the first time. Two of the most accomplished songwriters share their experience and expertise as Jewel hosts the series, as well as gives her feedback as a judge, alongside Kara DioGuardi who is the head judge each week.”

“R&B sensation Sonyae Elise, "The Lady Rebel" was born in Newark New Jersey. Having worked in theatre since the third grade and studying it more thoroughly since middle school, Sonyae quickly gravitated towards on and off Broadway stage performance opportunities for acclaimed shows such as the Lion King, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, and Ragtime. Sonyae’s musical influences range from 2Pac to Prince, Linda Jones to Nas and Phyllis Hyman to Barbara Streisand. With no musical training, just a family history of talented musicians and producers, Sonyae linked up with Multi Platinum production duo ‘Midi Mafia at the tender age of 15 at Sony Records in NYC. Fast-forward to the summer of 2010 amd Sonyae Elise is poised to introduce herself to the world in her latest mixtape, Lady Rebel Vol. 1 which boasts original production from Midi Mafia, Ski Beats, A.U.,Brite Ware and JV.”