Sons Of The Never Wrong / Press

““Folk Music reinvented: Sons of the Never Wrong keep pushing the genre forward.””

Southwestern Observer

““A focus on beauty, finely wrought poetry & themes that reflect their years of experience.””

High Bias Music

"Sons in a nutshell. Maddeningly coy, disarmingly clever, and many times smarter than you are. Which isn't to paint them as a novelty act -say, a folk analogue to They Might Be Giants -because Sons are the real deal: they write about heartbreak, they write about longing, the write about loss. Fine, they also write about toast. My point is, you can't pigeonhole them. In an increasingly compartmentalized music market, Sons are too slippery to be successful. Even "folk" isn't a mantle they wear easily; their lyrics often have the narrative complexity of Leonard Cohen or the nimble wit of Noël Coward. But they wear their urbanity lightly, especially in performance, where their patter is so deft and funny you begin to think they could just drop the music and work summers cracking jokes on the Borscht Belt."

Huffington Post

““The Buzz -- If you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor and get tickets to see Sons of the Never Wrong NOW. The Chicago-based trio turns traditional folk music on its ear, so to speak, with a quirky sense of humor and amazing harmonies. Their tunes have the power to make you smile, cry, sway, dance, sing, and laugh out loud.””

Top Ten

““One of the best folk bands of our time out pushing the envelope once again with some of the most literate, provocative lyrics around. Easily the band at their mind blowing best as they enter their 20th year together, this is contemporary folk that others could learn from.  Killer stuff throughout you won’t regret a minute of. Check it out."”

Midwest Record

“Not since Peter, Paul & Mary has a trio offered such perfect harmony. Share an evening with one of Folk music's most unique & acclaimed groups - Sons of the Never Wrong (Sue Demel, Deborah Lader & Bruce Roper).”

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio

"Sons are one of the most refreshing US bands I know."

Folk World Magazine - Europe

““King Fisher King is a celebration of their 20 years of existence. That longevity qualifies them as folk music's answer to The Rolling Stones.” ”

Gary Tuber - Examiner

““This Chicago trio is a welcome reminder that mischief and meaning need not be opposing values. Their billowy melodies always surprise, and they bring an almost fearless quirkiness to their lyrics. They rhyme ‘‘Manhattan’’ with ‘‘Lettin’ the cat in’’& turn commentary on the family dog’s unsavory cuisine into an ode to loving for love’s own sake. These collisions of the pedestrian and the profound give their music a decidedly modern mix of cynicism and in-your-face romanticism.””

Scott Alarik - The Boston Globe

““Sons of the Never Wrong are a Chicago trio that's creating folk music for a new century. Their vocal blend sounds like no other; their original songs have wit and heart; their onstage dynamic is nothing short of manic.””

The Ark

"A sort of symphonic folk if you wish by a contemporary and way off kilter CSN unafraid to twist, turn, and tumble traditional folk with a daring-do few risk. On A Good Day…I Am is yet another cohesive, loony, affirming, and heart wrenching suite where John Prine takes up residence with Laurie Anderson (while Lou Reed sulks in the corner) and the world is all the better for it. Led by Laden's delicately invincible anthems Pass It On and Painting The Boat; Roper's poetical, tight rope love song Head Over Heels and the meditative Pablo Neruda; Demel's intricate Other Things, many of the eighteen tracks epitomize the singular magic that is SOTNW: Gorgeously simple melodies and harmonies that wander around your head for days. Instrumentation that defies folky logic, ie: pedal steel, string quartets. Vocal lines that float out of nowhere, land, then flutter off into the ether. Literate. Witty. Quirky. Rewarding."

Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange

““They are clever and unique, both individually and in their sound as a trio. At times they sing almost trance-like in their own enjoyment of the sound they produce. Their sound is big. Well, no, it’s actually their energy and delivery that is big. Their harmonies are a tasteful and unpredictable blend of their unique voices, musically and lyrically exciting.””

WJFF New York

“I am truly blown away by the beauty and real brilliance of what Sons has created. Rarely do I stumble upon an artist/group who impacts and impresses me to the extent they have.”

Martin Anderson KRVM Radio, Oregon

"If you never knew what to make of them in the first place, you are really going to be scratching you head with wonder as you are drawn into the whirl one more time.  They have moved way beyond simply being an out there folk trio and moved into something else entirely...  Setting a standard for adult alternative, this lyric intensive music is decidedly ear opening as well as mind opening.  They turned an important corner they won’t be coming back from almost unlocking a door to the 60s where the bar was raised separating the innovators from the pretenders.  Hot stuff.

Midwest Record