Sons of The Addicted / Press

“As far as a freshman album goes, Sons does a lot of things right. Their sound is polished, their technique proficient and their presentation honed. At times, the album feels a bit too perfect, but that’s a minor criticism for a debut CD.”

“A bunch of kids convened in Colorado and have plenty to bitch about in these contemporary times..............”

“Sons of the Addicted is an old band with a new name going back a decade in Ouray County, Colorado, but as the years have gone by, and after shopping their wares to major labels with the more familiar name to locals, Fractalized, they decided to entirely re-tool everything they do. ”

“The term, derived from the complexity in natural elements such as crystals, which seems chaotic at the outset, but are actually highly organized in a chaos theory kind of way, certainly fits the idea of a band that needs a few listenings to grasp. ”

“With Zappa as one of their musical heroes, they do indeed have a sound that, as well known as that late odfather of independent music was, hardly was known for reaching out to larger audiences. But with all of this new thinking, they are still"fractal" to the core. ”

“Fractal World brings back a rock sound you haven’t heard lately with authority. Despite being easily identifiable with other bands, Sons of the Addicted still adds a unique edge to each song that allows them to carve out their own sound. ”

“On this promising debut, Sons of the Addicted brings refreshing songs that recalls the days when rock radio actually mattered. ”