Sons Of Bill / Press

"One of the best Americana albums of the year."

"I love the fact that they continuously record their live gigs and post them on their website. A hard working, great Americana band."

"You need to plan on hearing a lot more from Sons of Bill in the future. These guys are just getting started."

““One Town Away” is for all of you who miss country songs that actually make you feel the heartache. At times it is country that rocks, but mostly it reminds you of the times you were down on your luck, lonely, and had too much to drink. And to this lovesick drunk, that is a great, great thing."”

“The songs are big enough that they wouldn't seem out of place at an arena rock show... and authentic enough to be right at home coming from the stage of the smoke filled hometown bar.”

"'One Town Away' is a very good disk from a band with great promise. Mr. Wilson should be very proud."

"I have been playing what might be the best album of 2009. It is 'One Town Away' by Sons of Bill."

"What a great CD - one of the tops of 2009; go out and get 'One Town Away.'"