Sonnder / Press

“Reaching the halfway point in their year-long “single a month” project, Sonnder released perhaps their poppiest single to date today.”

“Weidman’s distinctive tone (high and angsty, evoking shades of young Iggy Pop) melded well with the shimmering distortion on tracks like “Late October” and “Too Bad You’re Not in Love,” whose synth atmosphere and guitar lines recall The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” Keyboardist Kat Stein began several tracks with affective timbres and delicate melodies, while violinist Caroline Garlick added subtle yet significant support throughout. Likewise, drummer Mike Liszka mesmerized with occasionally intricate syncopation, and bassist Steve Young held everything together without seizing the spotlight unnecessarily. All in all, Sonnder definitely warmed up the audience nicely, and their constant gratitude for being on the bill made it feel even better to support them.”

“The band seems to take a page from Metric on this outing with the track’s spacey melodic rock feel. Weidman’s voice works through the lyric “Far away is not far enough for you to plead honestly,” meeting with loud beats that show the band’s heavier rock side.”

“The track feels complete upon first listen with synths fading in to be joined by Weidman’s vocals and prodding piano lines, laying out a soft yet powerful flow. Snares join the mix to build it up, eventually letting loose in an oh-so-catchy melody, one you’ll want to join in with as he sings “Let go of these past lives, new has begun.””

“Sonnder displays musical range with new single “Backwards Ambition””

“”Drifter” is a change of pace for the band, trading Circa Survive-esque atmosphere and attitude for subtler acoustic guitars and stripped-down production.”

"The only issue with this EP is that it ends. Five tracks is not nearly enough. This EP is a testament that showcases the dedication and talent that Sonnder truly has. Radio stations look out, you have new indie darlings to add to your playlists."

"Local Philadelphia band, Sonnder filled the streets of New Hope, PA with lively and energetic modern rock. The trippy art filled Cellar Door Gallery, owned by John Fitzpatrick was jam packed with people on Friday night to check out some great music and awesome artwork."

"Quick on the draw, alternative band Sonnder has made the most of its brief time together. While front man Ryan Weidman and drummer and Mike Liszka first started jamming in April 2013, the band only took its current form earlier this year. Since then, the Philly five-piece played throughout the region and even on Philly’s radio waves."

"Philly band Sonnder is composed of frontman Ryan Weidman on guitar and vocals, Kat Stein on keys and vocals, Caroline Garlick on violin, Steven Young on bass, and Mike Liszka on drums. On Saturday night, they rocked out at Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar as they performed songs off their brand new EP Thief."

"The night started with Sonnder, a band pretty new to the Philly music scene. Led by charming Ryan Weidman, the band showed great potential to become well-known in the area. The way the band members communicated with each other with smiles was delectable. They are currently working on recording an album and expect to have it out in July."