Son Jack Jr / Press

“The major strength of this CD is that the covers tell you ‘how deep is the love’ that these musicians have for their Delta roots. An accomplished acoustic player Son Jack Jr has some strenuous workouts here on electric guitar including slide (‘Miss Maybelle’ is enough to make the dead get up and dance). All in all, this could be work by folks born and raised in the Delta or the Mississippi Hill country, rather than by an ex-pat Brit and a bunch of musicians from Seattle.”

Ian McKenzie - Blues Blast Magazine

“Standout tracks on "Walk The Talk" include a droning cover of John Lee Hooker’s “Crawling Kingsnake,” “Requiem,” a lovely acoustic guitar track, and a fiery remake of Charley Patton’s “Pony Blues.” “Howlin’ Poppet” is another fine Delta-influenced track that showcases Jack’s Delta chops and Wilde’s harmonica together. Fans of Delta blues, new and old, will enjoy this disc. Jack and Wilde’s styles mesh perfectly together, and this marvelous music, recorded in Lynnwood, Washington, is as authentic as anything you’ll hear coming out of the Mississippi delta.”

“Son Jack Jr. and Michael Wilde summoned the devil at the crossroads...I swear John Lee was seen to hover about the room”

Ty Hitzemann - Buko Magazine

“From the shuffling and progressive title track of " Walk The Talk " to the thumping beat and growling harmonica in " Maximum Insecurity " and the driving old-school boogie of " Skinny Woman " where you just wanna hit the floor shaking all the change out of you pockets and into the tip jar, Son Jack Jr. and Michael Wilde have hit it all the way out of the ball park! This new progressive Blues and traditional crossroads of a Blues album is the best we've heard in a very long time. Follow the links to CD Baby today and pick up or download your own copy. This is what the Blues is supposed to sound like!”

“Walk The Talk is more than just a good CD. It’s exceptional. Kick back and throw the disc on your player. More than likely you won’t be sitting long. The groove here will make you move whether you plan on it or not. Son Jack Jr & Michael Wilde will make you believe that Seattle really is in Mississippi. The far Northwest corner that is. A run-out-and-buy-it record for anybody who loves Southern blues music. Top shelf material! Need I say more?”

“With a mixture of tracks that include covers and originals, it’s obvious that Son Jack Jr. is flexing his blues talents on his latest release. While this disc offers more electric guitar than his previous releases, he by no means abandons the Delta blues style that earned him critical acclaim. Tracks such as Howlin’ Poppet and a cover of Charley Patton’s Pony Blues reveal Son Jack Jr.’s Delta blues chops have not slipped one bit. On most of the rest of the album Jack shifts to the electric guitar where his playing has a decidedly North Mississippi/John Lee Hooker feel. Down So Low, Crying Time, and an excellent cover of Hooker’s Crawlin’ King Snake are the highlights of the disc.”

Erik Watson - Living Blues Magazine

“The highest rating I give Albums is 5*****, for which, "Walk The Talk" euthusiastically gets that from me. I somehow feel that as special as this Album is, I wish I had a higher rating for it. If you love Traditional Blues, sung right, played right, and written right, this Album is for you. Highly Recommended and more than Thoroughly Enjoyed...”

"Listen up: There’s a new old sound in this town. He’s Son Jack Jr., and he’s aiming to be king of the blues. Don’t stand in his way or bet against him. His kind never goes out of fashion, and 'When the Devil Calls' is classic."

"..his accomplished playing and songwriting skills make him an artist to watch"

"...he makes you shiver. His beautiful voice, his perfectly timed licks and his never ceasing love for the Mississippi Delta amaze me"

"From the evidence here, Jack knows how to compose and play; you’ll want to loop this on your Zune or iPod."

""When The Devil Calls" and "Introducing...Son Jack Jr." are a must have collection for any true fan of the Blues..."

"The obvious influence of the prewar blues masters can be heard throughout the record, but Son Jack Jr. doesn’t really sound like any of them. He possesses a strong singing voice and his own distinct songwriting style."

"Original back porch, acoustic blues that's flavored with the founders of this art form. If you have a soul his music connects to it. While listening I closed my eyes and the music reached as deep as the music of Aric Riley or Terry Robb, two big time names in Portland's blues scene."