Sonic Warriors United / Press

“like it! Mein Freitag Abend ist gerettet”

“checking out the Sonic Warriors United website. beautiful idea. unity is important in all aspects of life, even genres. Shalom [+]”


“dj's und gute musik vor der haustür”

“AAAAGGGHHHH!!!LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS OH MY!!!(I'm gonna write in slang lol) Yo son tonight in Area 51, They had whites, hispanics & blacks swingin from trees, ZEBRAS and all the good S#$@! "SHAKA ZULU" YO SON, DA SONIC WARRIORS OPENED A PORTAL TO AFRICA! DAMN HOMIE...DEM N...Z KILT DAT *&^%. I ENJOYED MYSELF TO...NIGH...T! what a great night!”

“Best Night Ever , in Years! Thank you Q's for this AMAZING Saturday! Thats what it's all about!”

“Awesome evil set of doom this friday 4th at Drome!! Loved it!!! Thank you for that”

“Perfect way to wind down the workweek.”

“... thanks in the name of the universe for the perfect friday night entertainment...”

“Huge tracks ;) I really like nocturnal brightness ;)”

“excellent work on the new stuff. good luck on the tour :)”

“Nice industrial tracks! My favorite is "Betriedsdruck-da beat"”

“the perfect soundtrack... again!”

“Demand cutting-edge quality music! When you listen, you will understand. Trust your instincts and click Demand for high quality electronica!”

“beautiful music for this evening”

“hey, There! Great stuff here!!:-) All the best!”

“Super cool music.love it :X”

“howwwwwwww banging sounds, a strange blend of hard techno whit evil breaks mixed whit some old school berlin style drumcore!! niceeeeee!! keep it going guys all the best”

“sounds awsome! :)”

“Can't wait to see your show in the U.S.A.!!!”

“feeling your sounds, Warriors, keep on!”

“thnx for the updates and please keep them coming and keep up the good work !!!”

“Danke für einen geilen Abend. greets daniel”

"...Very nice set @ 7deep club gotha!" greetz with beatz!

“damit in Fulda mal ne richtig geile Party stattfindet ;o)”

“Can't wait to see your show in the U.S.A.!!!”

“Wicked tunes!”

"....keep on with the good work" greetz from saxony

“Because in solidarity we can take out the man!!!”

“I appreciate your unique and very cool style. I use EBM and Industrial tracks in my techno-sets too,and the people ask everytime ....wow,who is it? This is the real styl-crossover to kick your ass off”


“Because, Dallas needs more REAL techno in it. Doesn't every city?”

“Fantastic Music. Keep on going. Cheers Klaus”

“...totally agree with your philosophy on music. i know you could find somewhere in dallas that would love something like this”

“the sonic battle continues ... long live the underground warriors !”

“love your music! Peace, Michelle”

“better electronic music scene? I'll vote for THAT!”

“This is a f..king great thing, bring back those old skool EBM thoughts!”