Sonic Prophecy / Press

“What makes Sonic Prophecy different? We do not try to follow trends by trying to write music by what the current fad is. Me and Shane have the best song writing chemistry I have ever experienced. When we put on a show we give it all we got regardless if we are playing for 10 people or 10,000 people. The fans pay to see a show and that’s what we give them.”

“Utah-based power metal band Sonic Prophecy has checked in with a new album update: "It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update on the progress of our new album Apocalyptic Promenade. We are happy to report that it is coming along nicely and we are currently involved in orchestrations for several tracks with mixing already underway! Here are snippets of “Eventide”, “Fire Messiah”, and “Temple of the Sun”. Look for more updates as the end date gets closer and ready yourselves for the Apocalypse!"”

“Mankind can be a clever breed if we work hard and persevere. Dedication to a craft pays off in the end, evidenced perfectly by this month’s Localized act Sonic Prophecy: a symphonic metal band of six down-to-earth guys who are diligent as hell. They come together every Sunday—not to rest as the Lord did on that day—to rehearse songs and write material in and of their own creation.”

"Sonic Prophecy is proud to announce that our song 'Juggernaut' off of 'A Divine Act of War' will be part of the sound track for the new Danny Trejo movie Vengeance! Check out this early trailer and 'Like' the Danny Trejo's Vengeance Facebook page! Spread the word, Vengeance is coming!"

"We are proud to announce that Ray Opheikens is our new bass player. Ray is a veteran of the Utah music scene and is a great addition to the band. Our first official show with Ray will be this month at Barbary Coast." The band also recently commented on getting a new endorsement: "We are proud to announce that we are now endorsed by Gilmore Custom Cases. If you need a custom guitar case, rack case, speaker encloser, etc... They can build anything to your specs. From simple to exotic. Go check them out and give them a 'Like.' Here is the link to our artist profile on their site."

“Sonic Prophecy would like to introduce our latest member of the Sonic Prophecy family Jeff Dreher! He is one bad ass drummer and we look forward to many epic nights of Metal! Also, album is just about finished. We have had the opportunity to get 3 of our songs on the album mixed by metal legend Andy LaRocque! This album is sure to be Epic!”

“Metal rockers Sonic Prophecy were next. Lead singer Shane Provstgaard, is expressive and interesting to watch. The guitar playing by Darrin Goodman is impressive and could have a guitar player lacking in skill, green with envy. These guys will make you bang your head and tear your heart out, metal style. The best part was when a bunch of children in attendance, sat upon the stage and gave fist pumps on cue. There was a technical difficulty but they took it well and it was soon resolved. Check out the Metal madness on Facebook and ReverbNation.”

“The band Sonic Prophecy was shooting a music video that will undoubtedly capture some great guitar work. The axes of choice were an Ibanez Jem and a Spear Gladius SW (for swirl). Darrin Goodman’s Spear may resemble another Ibanez but he got to demo the Spear at the NAMM show (The premier trade show for musical stuff). Their song Thunder Nation had some vocal help from the willing audience.”

“Salt Lake City, Utah-based SONIC PROPHECY has announced the addition of Darrin Goodman as a guitarist. Goodman performed with the band at the Midwest Power Quest on February 17th in Denver, CO. They have already begun writing new material for a new album. "We are proud to introduce Darrin Goodman as the newest member of the Sonic Prophecy family. He is joining the band on guitars, teaming up with Steve Bishop and Austin Dixon to add a new and exciting element to the music, pushing our sound even further going into the next album. Please join us in welcoming him to the band and look for further updates as things progress!"”

“Q&A with Sonic Prophecy”

“Here we have an E.P. by this American band which was released a couple of months ago. Even tough this is an EP it lasts about 35 minutes. This is the first official release of this Utah metal band! Their style could be described as power metal that has both influences from the American and the European power metal scenes. Despite of that, however, these guys have their own sound and they didn’t remind me of any other band! I liked all the songs but I would say that “The Darkest of Hours” and “Merchants of Violence” are the ones that I enjoyed the most. Shane's voice has something unique which I liked a lot! The production of this released could be a bit better though. The band has already started composing new material so we will wait for their next step! A good choice for the fans of this genre but for the fans of other metal genres the mark is of course lower.”