“During one portion of the show, you called people up to the front to pray...I felt the spirit of Jesus Christ enter my heart for the first time...Thank you for giving me a platform so that Jesus could come to me and remain in my heart forever.”

Nels - PA

“Sonicflood then took the stage and got the crowd ‘rockin’ and singing in worship to the Lord. It was an amazing concert...”

Kelly McCullough - The Messenger

“My whole team has raved about how amazing Sonicflood was...Not only was the bands performance on stage praised, but so was their attitudes and humility backstage. People went on and on about the band and their ministry hearts. You guys are the real deal.”

Tammy Johnson, Special Event Director - KSBJ

"When Love First Cried" beats with the heartbeat of lead singer and songwriter Rick Heil and is unashamedly faith forward. The equation works most of the time and Heil’s passion shines through each and every track, new and old.

“Sonicflood has sold over 2 million records and performed in front of hundreds of thousands with a music that melds several musical genres together, all at once invoking tastes of U2, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, and modern country in a unique, powerful mix...”

“For the band members to leave the stage and enter the crowd was unheard of. All of the “rules” were broken at The Gathering Festival. When SONICFLOOd came offstage into the crowd to pray with the young people, I believe they changed lives. Everyone there had FRONT stage passes to meet the band.”

David, - The Gathering, Tri-Cities, WA

“SONICFLOOd’s participation in our Combined Worship Service was one of the most spiritually uplifting and exciting chapel events I have experienced in my twenty-six years of military service.”

Senior Protestant Chaplain Paul Castillo, Maj, ASAF, - Andersen AFB Guam

"When Love First Cried" Worshipful lyrics and superior musicianship have always characterized SONICFLOOd’s music. The band’s 10th offering in so many years is no exception. One of the best contemporary Christmas compilations in recent years...

“Worship records are a dime dozen these days, but there is enough taut production and masterful musicianship accompanying the singable melodies and lyrics on this CD to justify more than one listen. A Heart Like Yours proves Sonicflood is still the cream of the crop.”

“When Love First Cried features classics like "O Holy Night," which is done with a sense of breathless wonder and "O Come Emmanuel," a personal favorite on this album. I can't put my finger on the why of it, but their version touches me deeply ...that is the best kind of music.”