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“Songs for Snakes, with their Charcoal Heather album should, if there's any justice, blow some cobwebs away on the, for lack of a better term, alt-punk scene. For those who are still mourning the loss of band like Jawbreaker and Husker Du here's one that will make you smile again. On this, their second album, it's actually difficult to point out anywhere that you could consider that they've put a foot wrong. While they do wear their influences on their sleeves for all to see they're far removed from being a band who are simply rehashing the past glories of their idols, and in doing so offering a 'mark 2' service for a younger audience. After listening to Charcoal Heather from start to finish, it seems obvious that they have pushed the envelope a great deal, and went from being a band who promised good things to one who are now in the position of delivering on them. This is an album that given the opportunity will make a great deal of previously jaded music fans sit up and take notice.”

“Though mentioned a few times in the past on this website, I should give a proper plug to the Wilfully Obscure blog (wilfullyobscure.blogspot.com/). In addition to digging up past relics, they do occasionally feature a new band and while I certainly don't like everything that's posted, I have been introduced to a few great bands from this site. The most recent of these discoveries is Songs For Snakes. I know it probably goes without saying that I would prefer this had come out on vinyl, but at least it's not cassette only. Charcoal Heather is a CD full of what I'm going to call Old Guy Punk. This is not to be derisive in anyway, in fact it's one of the highest compliments I can pay a band these days, being an old guy myself. This is a band that conjures memories of a prime Jawbreaker or a more streamlined Leatherface. Melodic raspy vocals with powerful guitars and the kind of hooks you just don't hear from the kids anymore.”

“Songs for Snakes are a San Francisco band who channel the spirit of Minnesota’s Husker Du. The band describes their music as loud/melodic punk music or Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of tea with Simon and Garfield and that about hits the nail bang on the head. The band start proceedings off slowly with "St Mary" and then speed up with the melodic sound blurring in "Sidewalk Rider". The murmered vocals are buried in the background in the title song and many tracks allow the guitars to warmly dominate the song with their prominence. The first band that comes to mind listening to these guys is Husker Du although there is a little more going on. The guitar at the start of F.E.A.R. is reminiscent of The Verlaines and others of the same ilk on the Flying Nun roster in the 80's and "The Most Documented Man" sounds a little like a shouty Oi band are in the background although Songs For Snakes never let go of their own sound.”

“Song for Snakes come out of San Francisco and make music that just blows the cob webs out of my head. When I listen to this I hear Husker Du, Moving Targets, Asexuals, Jawbreaker, The Replacements so it can't be bad! Undoubtedly the major comparison that will be made here is with Husker Du; Bill's guitar playing is full of the distortion and melodies that Bob used to spit out in the 80's. The blend they concoct with hooks dripping of the guitar, the beautifully rumbling bass and thundering drums is as close to perfection as I've heard in some time. They are exciting, captivating and wholly satisfying. I love this; it's amazingly good. There isn't a bad track on this album and they've been switching place as to which is my favourite constantly. There are so many categories to try and slot bands into, but this is pure punk rock for me. Classic, melodious, catchy as hell and one that I can sing along with to my hearts content. Charcoal Heather is one of the best releases of the year.”

“Songs For Snakes is a band from San Francisco that gets it right. This is the good stuff! Major echoes of Husker Du, Squirrel Bait, Moving Targets and Jawbreaker emanate from the elpee Charcoal Heather. The trio, led by Bill Taylor is heavy on the reverb and the songs are concise and bring me back to the mid 80’s- when “alt rock” was defined by this ringing, anthemic sound. I dinnow if ya wanna call it “post hardcore, I just call it Punk Rock. I don’t know if Taylor plays a Flying V like Mould used to… but the distortion laden guitar is a welcome sound. The bass lines are nice and heavy, sitting on that E string is a beautiful thing. And the drumming is rock steady and forceful … and NOT high end heavy like Grant Hart’s was with the Huskers. Overall, the production is nice and full.”

“Songs For Snakes immediately bring San Francisco and Gilman Street to mind which makes perfect sense being that they bill themselves as a pop punk/indie band hailing from San Francisco CA. Songs For Snakes formed back in 2005 and have a full length and an ep's worth of songs up on their bandcamp page for your listening pleasure. If you are a fan of well crafted pop punk ala Jawbreaker, Pegboy and even Husker Du then I think you will enjoy the sounds that Songs For Snakes are creating. The bands bio describes their music as "Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel"... I think this statement is an accurate description of what is going on here. On the album "Charcoal Heather" the band delivers 12 songs of catchy yet melancholic pop punk that really does reflect their stated influences. Check out their Facebook page as these guys are deserving of your attention. ”

“A local band new to me. This is a good indie rock/melodic punk release. Very reminiscent of SUGAR and ARCHERS OF LOAF with a little J CHURCH and JAWBREAKER. I'm surprised these guys haven't got more high profile shows around here. Hopefully that will change with this release. A good '90's sounding band. ”


"San Francisco’s post-hardcore band, Songs for Snakes, seems to be strongly influenced by artists such as Drive Like Jehu and Jawbreaker, which is evident in their guitar style. Songs for Snakes has slithered all the way up from number 28 to number 1 in the past week here at KSPC.


“These Bay Area dudes are way into Jawbreaker. They also slowed the pace down a little. I enjoyed the faster songs alot more than most of the CD, which was full of slower songs and has a tendency to drag. Not as good as Jawbreaker, better than Jets To Brazil”

Paul Lucich - Maximum Rock N Roll