Song Remains The Same / Press

“The first time “Song Remains the Same” played at Tonic Tavern & Kitchen I knew we had just witnessed one of the foremost talented tribute bands in the country; and what better band is there to pay tribute to then Led Zeppelin? There are many tributes around the world, but there are few that I have worked with over the years that show as much talent, realism, and respect for the original music as “Song Remains the Same”. Their look and sound came together for the perfect LZ experience, and it blew the crowd away. The entire band is equally talented with no one member stealing the show, but the overall result is jaw-dropping admirable. This is the group that finally “get’s it right!” I welcomed this band to play a couple of gigs with us, and we all agree how lucky we are seeing them in such an intimate setting because they will most certainly go national.”

Anthony Dahlberg, Owner of Tonic Tavern - Facebook

"From Jack Russell, lead vocalist of Great White: Anthony Bianchi has been a dear friend of mine for a long time, he is a great singer with a great heart. He has always been there to support me unlike other musicians that I have known my whole life. Thank you for staying with me at my house and watching out for me while I was recovering. I will always be there for you. Anthony has taken a big chanc...e and moved himself and his family, started a new band, and is once again grabbing life by the throat and kicking it in the balls. I would like to congratulate him, his wife Cathy, and my niece Bianca for taking this risk, although I think the risk is minimal due to his talent and drive. I am looking forward to working with him and his band, and am behind them 100 %. Kudos to you Anthony! I know you will succeed. You will always have my love and respect. My wife Heather and I look forward to having you and Cathy out to the boat. Your friend and brother, Jack Russell."

Jack Russell - Letter