Song Preservation Society / Press

“Hearing real vocal talent and good old acoustic guitar skills from young newcomers is a special treat, and Song Preservation Society offers just that to those lucky enough to be in the know. “Captivating and charming its audience from beginning to end.” “Refreshing and evocative.” “The trio’s music, with their sweet-sounding voices and astounding guitar skills, is reminiscent of the poignancy of a Simon & Garfunkel record, only updated with youthful energy and fresh appeal.””

"The songs sound like they were grown in the band’s organic garden in Berkeley...when you sink your teeth into one, you can taste all the tears and sweat that went into it, you can taste the soil of the land that grew it."

"I stopped at a patio and found these three Berkley kids playing acoustic guitars and harmonizing with a placid way that made me feel like I was in Hawaii...It was near midnight and these guys covered the Fleet Foxes very well. Two different groups came up to me and excitedly asked who was playing. They thought it was the Foxes. The Cali kids also paid tribute to local legend Daniel Johnston with a quietly dense cover of 'True Love.'"