Songhammer / Press

“I hear myself whispering that line under my breath and in that moment I've truly lost grip on reality. I'm standing in the middle of a dusty horse arena on a sweltering afternoon with black war paint melting down my face. I'm wearing a cape, gripping an axe with white knuckle intensity, grimacing as I prepare to lunge forward into battle. Yep, that's right, I said battle. I'm not really sure when I fully decided to buy in to the Medieval feud that's brought me to a face-off with the heavy metal warriors of Songhammer. The pair of screaming maniacs decked out in super hero armor are staring back at me, growling and swinging their custom made mallets of death in my direction. They've just slain half a dozen of my fellow evil henchmen and now they look fucking pissed... The opportunity to fight and die in an epic battle scene doesn't just come along everyday.”

“You might not have noticed, but there was another band (on top of the Foo Fighters and Blizzard’s own Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain) worthy of your praise at BlizzCon last month: the almighty Songhammer. We sat down with the two gamers that formed the army of epic rock, wicked guitars, and WoW-centric lyrics that won third place in the Original Song Contest at this year’s BlizzCon. Between bursts of guitar riffs and giant dragons breathing fire, they told us their tale and talked about some their top songs, like “We are the Horde” and “Armies of the Light.” Read on to learn more about this rocktastic duo and grab free MP3s of their premier songs at the end of the interview...”

“What's next after BlizzCon? According to Stewart, "World domination! We would love to take the project to conventions throughout the US that feature fantasy and online Player-Versus-Player and Player-Versus-Environment gaming. There are also conventions in places like Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan, that would be ideal for our music and performance. Europe would be a perfect fit for this project. What we really need now are sponsors to help us launch Songhammer to the stars, to reach its fullest potential. Dustin and I have been creating music and spearheading projects for several years, and together we're both working hard and having a blast writing epic, face-melting, rock & roll. HammerHeads Unite!"”

“Miller and Stewart started their band specifically to try to win the competition. “I attended Blizzcon last year, and as I was watching the closing ceremonies I saw the original song contest winners and decided to compete,” Miller said. “It is one of the few places related to entertainment where it is still possible to earn a living,” Miller said. “Game subscriptions are cheap entertainment so as we all get poorer and poorer and are no longer able to spend money on recreation, gaming becomes an affordable way to socialize and recreate. “The band is also a lot of fun. We spent last Sunday morning sword fighting for a photo shoot. What more could a boy want than to play video games, write songs and swordfight?” After the convention, Miller and Stewart will be going into the studio to work on 10 new songs. They will also be performing for a breast cancer prevention benefit called Pink Friday, a webcast hosted by one of their sponsors, Tigerdirect.com. ”