Songbirdcindy / Press

“Part of Songbirdcindy's Testimony of healing is printed in the "International Bible Society's- Truckers' New Testament". "Woman's World Magazine", "Truckers Connection" and "Paul Harvey" told her trucking life story in the past. In 2008 Cindy coded in a Knoxville hospital after a terrible car accident. This experience has grounded her and enriched what she has to say- because of being in the presence of God's Holiness. She is now recovered enough to go forward with the life God has for her, and speaking about it. She has her new CD available on Amazon.com called "Shine Your Faith", which is the first of her "Shine Series" cds. The next "Shine Your Heart" is due in Jan/2015. Also soon to come to Amazon is her healing allegory "Feathers", a book that will help anyone recovering from trauma. Coming soon is "The Moments That Took My Breath Away", Cindy's life story about God's Miracles in her life and second chances.”