SOMRAK / Press

“‘The Abhorred Blessings’, the first full-length album by the Slovenian black metal unit Somrak. I had never heard of this band before and I must say that I am surprised! Raw and dark black metal that reminds me of the last two works of Marduk and even of the gentlemen of Fluisterwoud! Dirty, without compromise and aggressive these guys work their way through this album, the threatening riffs, dirty vocals and pounding drums just sound good, nothing more or less. Somrak is anything but original but well, let’s ignore it since what they do sounds good.”

“From the twisted biblical woodcut print of the black and white cover to the raspy vocals and the blasphemous lyrics, everything seems to be exactly as expected. However, the musicianship transcends most painfully low-fi bedroom projects, and the songs are varied enough to keep the attention of even the most casual Black Metal fan. There are plenty of neckbreaking headbanging-sessions to be had through the course of the albums 42 minutes, and most of the tracks are recognizable on their own instead of being a string of practically identical snoozers.”

“Let me just say first of all it’s the best money I’ve spent for anything Black Metal related in awhile. Still apparent are the Celtic Frost influences of early days, but the band has really come into its own. There’s a heavy thrash injection as well and vocalist J.D. croaks out some of the filthiest vile this side of Central Europe. The album alternates between mid-paced romps and blistering full-speed attacks fused with (albeit oppressive) melodic guitar breaks. All bands probably hate comparisons, but as a fan myself sometimes I appreciate it so here I go. If I had to pinpoint some parallels, I’d say the Black Thrash of Horna morphed with the psychedelic tunings and vocals of Deathspell Omega. Not bad company to keep, I’d say. This is doubtless some of the better BM to (dis)grace my speakers in awhile. Contact DTR for a copy.”