Somnae / Press

“This is an interesting EP from a band who are incorporating the sort of melodic sweep that has come to epitomize the US school of Cascadian Black Metal into a Death Metal base. Somnae are undeniably DM, with a downtuned guitar tone and deep guttural vocals, but they incorporate a Doomy sound that calls to mind Novembers Doom and rapid tremolo picking that calls to mind bands like Wolves in the Throne Room. It makes for an interesting and fresh kind of sound while still staying within the bounds of the genre. I am all about seeing what this band will do with a full-length, as I think it could be pretty awesome. This is the only demo in weeks I have played through twice in a row. Good shit!. ”

“The production is very good, and brings out the melodic guitars which there is a lot of in this Ep. Often you can hear the double pedals with addictive riffing on top, and then the melodic guitars which are woven into the songs to create a dimensional listening -experience. Several times you can hear that the guitar- melody plays with discordance. I really look forward to a fulllengths album from these talented guys. Coz it's a bit to little with just three songs. But after all the quality was really high!! ”

"A friend turned me onto progressive death metal band Somnae, whose debut EP Forever More came out earlier this year. Somnae’s basic sound features well-crafted harmonics and melodic dual-guitar riffing accompanied by powerful guttural vocal delivery. One of the things you notice right away is how great the EP’s sound is, particularly for a debut. Probably a lot of the credit for that goes to the mastering job done by the legendary Dan Swanö, but it’s also clear that the members of Somnae know what they’re doing. The band will soon begin playing shows in the Seattle area, and we can probably look forward to some new material soon as well."

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