Something Underground / Press

“They expertly perform...songs, stir the crowd and seem to read each other's moves with just a glance. This makes for a synergy and an onstage tight performance every time.”

Corey Colombin - On That Note

“....with a knack for blending just the right stuff into a unique sound that is part reggae, part funk, part rock and roll, and pure genius”

Corey Colombin - On That Note

“Josh on bass, Seth on guitar, and Trevor on drums seems like a bare-bones kind of arrangement....and then they start singing, and that's where they cinch it.”

Corey Colombin - On That Note

““The Brothers Larson, along with Trevor Mariotti, deliver a powerful musical punch and spiritually connect with the audience as few others do. From their great stage presence to their superb musical abilities, they know how to read a crowd and put a smile on every face." ”

Erik Dyce - Red Rocks Amphitheatre

"It worked for the Beach Boys, it worked for the Bee Gees, and now it's working for Something Underground, the Denver-based pop band whose brotherly harmonies have made it a favorite..."

"....spine-twisting guitar solos, tight rhythm breakdowns, and beautiful, well placed harmonies." - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“Check your expectations at the door because these guys won’t be something underground for long.”

“.......the group hits all of its cues, demonstrates no small amount of virtuosity and gets the crowd hooting and hollering by the end.”

“If these guys from Denver could set the bar this high, the possibilities of bigger things erupting seemed inevitable.”

“a rich blend of their kind of music. That is, the kind that makes your hips sway without permission, puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. Just a sampling...will make you want to jump up and dance.”

Corey Colombin - On That Note

“They captivated the crowd through their intimate grooves and melodic discourse timed by Mariotti’s strong in-the-pocket performance on the percussion.”